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Best Hypnosis CDs And MP3s – Does Self-Hypnosis Work?

Since I stopped smoking with self-hypnosis I have also used it to change a few other things in my life. If you have been wanting to make a long-lasting change for a while then do keep reading.  A five minute read now could save you years of trying to change only to go back to old behavior and bad habits.  This article is two-fold as I will give you a brief overview of how self-hypnosis works plus present the best hypnosis CDs and MP3s.

I want this post to be useful and beneficial to you and me.  That said, I have added affiliate links to this article and would love it if you decide to use them.  😘


It is because of the success I have experienced with self-hypnosis that I enjoy writing and sharing about it, with the main aim of helping you make positive changes too.  However, you may be skeptical or nervous about the claims surrounding self-hypnosis and how it works. 

Losing weight, stopping smoking, and boosting self-esteem is just a small sample of the issues that self-hypnosis audios can help with.  In fact, most of the companies I will mention later have over 300 different subjects that can be targeted.

How is that possible?

To answer that I need to rewind, yes pun intended.  Previously when I failed to stop smoking I was dealing with my conscious mind only.  Little did I know that my subconscious mind was running in the background and had its own agenda.  Old programs in my subconscious were overwriting my conscious decisions and sabotaging my efforts.

Discovering about the subconscious mind and self-sabotaging was a big turning point in my life.  From there I dealt with my subconscious mind and things really did start to change permanently.

Most of us are functioning from the programs running in our subconscious mind.  A lot of those old programs are self-limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that support actions and behaviors we would rather do without.

Through self-hypnosis we can replace those negative beliefs, regardless of what they are.  That’s how it is possible to tackle (mostly) any issue with self-hypnosis.

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Is Self-Hypnosis Dangerous?

My immediate response to that question is NO.  But of course, that would not be completely true.  Self-hypnosis is not dangerous to me and I have found it life-changing in the most positive ways. However, that may not be the case for everyone.

The mind is a complex organ and no one knows exactly how it works.  Nor do we know what therapies or treatments are 100% beneficial in treating mental health conditions and changing beliefs.  There are many clinical studies and a lot of anecdotal evidence to support the benefits of self-hypnosis.

To be clear, we are all different and with our own minds.  Emotional and mental health is your priority and if you have past or existing mental health concerns then get guidance from your healthcare practitioner before trying self-hypnosis. 

My website and blogs are for educational and entertainment purposes only and are not intended as medical advice.  (Full medical disclosure at the bottom of the page).

How Does Self-Hypnosis Work?

Keeping it simple, there are three parts to the process of self-hypnosis:

(1) Relax your body and mind

To access your subconscious mind you first need to relax your whole body.  Relaxing the body will start to relax the mind. 

We all have brainwaves and these brainwaves dictate our state of mind.  While you are reading this the main brainwave that is working is the Beta brainwave as you are wide awake and processing information.  A more restful (Alpha brainwave/like in meditation states) or dreamy (Theta brainwave) state of mind needs to be achieved – a deep relaxation of the mind.

(2) Talk to your subconscious mind

Once completely relaxed you then listen to the affirmations or words that support the changes you wish to make. 

(3) Repeat

Relaxing and listening once or even a couple of times is not enough.  The subconscious mind learns through repetition.  

You actually know this already.  Driving your car to work and chatting to your friend at the same time you will arrive at your destination without even thinking about it.  It is automatic as it is something you have been doing repeatedly for a few years.  Your subconscious mind just drove you there.

It is the same with numerous other habitual things that you do.  Some really important ones too, like breathing.  Thank you subconscious. mind!

Eventually, after listening to your new programs (positive beliefs and thoughts) your subconscious will learn them and then automatically play them out.

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Best Hypnosis CDs And MP3s

Here are the best hypnosis CDs, MPs and technology you can use to bring about positive change:

  1. MindPlace – The Kasina Mind Media System
  2. Marisa Peer – I Am Enough program
  3. InnerTalk CDs and MP3s
  4. Real Subliminal CDs and MP3s
  5. Hemi-Sync

MindPlace - The Kasina Mind Media System

At A Glance…



OWNER: MindPlace Company

PRICE: $359



Meditation Relaxation


The Kasina uses light and sound therapy to get you into a deeply relaxed state.  It is essentially an MP3 that holds over 50 sessions.  The different tracks not only bring you to a deeply relaxed state but can also rejuvenate or accelerate and increase energy levels and focus.

The mind media system is the MP3 plus ear-bud style headphones and Deep Vision GanzFrames.  


  • It is very easy to use and can get you into a deeply relaxed state effortlessly.  Sit or lay down and get comfortable.  Choose a track to focus on your desired outcome.  Put the ear-buds in and the GanzFrames on.  That’s it.
  • The MP3 can be used to download more sessions from SoundCloud but more interestingly you can create your own tracks.  

This means that not only can you get into a deeply relaxed state to reprogram your subconscious easily but you can listen to your own personal and specific affirmations to make long-lasting change.

The Kasina can be used long after you have changed negative beliefs. The added benefits of this system is that you can use it to relax, rejuvenate, or focus depending on your goals.  Meditation is easier and faster.  Visualization is a great way to focus on what you want to achieve in life and The Kasina facilitates this easily.


Marisa Peer - I Am Enough program

At A Glance…



OWNER: Marisa Peer

PRICE: $297




Marisa Peer has created a program following the evidence she collated in her thirty years of experience being a therapist.  She came to the conclusion that at the root of people’s personal and professional problems is a belief that they are not good enough: not smart enough, not pretty enough, not successful enough, etc.  

This is where her 8 hypnosis audios come in and are designed to re-wire your mind with the changes you want to make.  


Before listening to the hypnosis audios she helps you discover the beliefs and thoughts that are holding you back with 8 regression sessions.

The course also includes 

  • In-depth video lessons from Marisa Peer
  • On-going support (including a Facebook group)
  • A work-book
  • 5 extra BONUS audios if you take advantage of the course’s discounted offer at the end of the free MasterClass

5 extra BONUS audios: Improve Memory And Concentration, Perfect Relaxation, Perfect Deep Unbroken Sleep, Freedom From Depression, Quit Smoking Today.

FULL REVIEW: I Am Enough – Marisa Peer

To get a feel for Marisa Peer and her hypnosis style listen to the FREE 45 minute MASTERCLASS  HERE:

I Am Enough

InnerTalk CDs and MP3s

At A Glance…



OWNER: Eldon Taylor

PRICE: from $25.95 


InnerTalk: Change has never been easier!


Eldon Taylor set-up InnerTalk in 1984 with the goal of producing a program that would eliminate negative and destructive self-talk so that people could pursue the life they dreamed of and achieve all that they set out to do.  

Over the years his company has done its own research and development in creating subliminal audios.  The audio programs have easy listening to music or nature sounds and carefully blended into the background are powerful affirmations e.g. “I can stop smoking”, “I am successful”, “I feel great” that make long-lasting change, positive impressions.  These powerful affirmations in the background to the music are the subliminal messages.

With over 300 different subjects covered in the CDs and MP3s there is bound to one that can help you re-program your subconscious mind.


  • 10 categories including Success, Better Life, Relationships, Health & Wellness, Habits & Addictions, Body Image, Sports & Fitness, Children & Parenting, Learning and Spirituality.

Within each category there are many subjects, including eating for weight loss, fear of rejection, pain management, mindfulness, body building.

  • A well-established company that is still going strong
  • Books, videos, Cds, and MP3s available
  • Thorough FAQs on the website, the owner has his own podcast plus customer service support.

FULL REVIEW: What Is A Subliminal Message – InnerTalk 

Real Subliminal CDs and MP3s

At A Glance…



Owner: Guided Mind Ltd & Real Subliminal Ltd

Price: from $11.97

Overall Rank: 4/5


Make your own subliminal messages


Real subliminal have created over 240+ albums.  The albums target specific areas that you wish to improve or change including personal development and self-help.

One of the largest suppliers of subliminal CDs and MP3s, they have been operating since 2013.


  • Many subjects included in their albums – money and wealth mastery, public speaking confidence, procrastination, emotional health, become debt-free, the law of attraction, learn how to say no.
  • Customize your own album – write the script you want to listen to and choose the music (they have a list) and they will create your own personal album in MP3 format.  Additionally, they can guide you on how to go about writing your own script.  
  • Facebook community and newsletter provided.

By joining the Real Subliminal community and subscribing to their newsletter you will receive a free subliminal MP3 (Deep Calm) and a free mini-course in subliminal learning.


At A Glance…



Hemi-Synch President: Garrett Stevens

Price: from $7.99

Overall Rank: 4/5


Sound Technology for Balanced Living


You may have heard of Robert Monroe as he is internationally recognized as one of the pioneers of early research into human consciousness and sleep learning.

He discovered that specific sound patterns have beneficial effects on our capabilities.  When these sound patterns or frequencies are combined they can induce sleep, increase focus, and give rise to expanded states of consciousness.  With the help of many different types of professionals from psychology, medicine, physics, and biochemistry he created Hemi-Sync.

While listening to the Hemi-Sync audios a range of audio signals acts together to create a resonance that results in a focused, whole-brain state.  This state is known as hemispheric synchronization or Hemi-Sync and where both sides of the brain then work together coherently.  This focused coherent state is an optimal state of being that can improve human performance.  Music, verbal guidance, and subtle sound effects are combined with Hemi-Sync to produce the desired outcome.


  • The tools for consciousness or audios can be in MP3, CD, or FLAC depending on the subject you choose.
  • Subjects are many and include stress management, behavior modification, self-improvement, focused attention, accelerated learning and memory, creativity, health issues, ADHD.
  • There’s a mobile APP with 300+ titles that can be streamed anywhere, anytime.
  • Create a free account and get a free album.

I noticed a guided meditation (From Fear To Peace) audio on the website that you can download for free plus most of the audios have sample recordings to listen to.

Two Extra Ingredients Required

All the above audios and technology will help you to improve your life or change something you no longer want to experience.  Whether that is to stop addictions, lose weight, or be able to stand up and give a speech to a room full of people.

The options and potential to change are limitless.  

However, there needs to be two important ingredients to throw into this recipe for success, namely:

  1. Your willingness to want to change
  2. Your commitment to listening as per the instructions given.  

(Remember – you are talking to the subconscious mind that learns through repetition.)

The bottom line is how badly do you want to change?

“Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same.”

Disclaimer: One More Thing! This article includes affiliate links & if you decide to use them, I would really appreciate it.  The links help creators like me to continue writing free content.  😘 


This blog website is for information and entertainment purposes ONLY and is not medical advice.

The name of The Game is Experience so let us experience Connecting and Sharing.  

What’s your experience of self-hypnosis?  Share in the comments below.

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