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Dr Bruce Lipton’s Amazing Discovery

For a long time now we have been told that we must accept that our genes dictate how we will turn out.  More and more though it seems that science is backing up a very different claim.  Dr Bruce Lipton’s amazing discovery in the late eighties/early nineties bought him to that conclusion too, so I decided to find out a little bit more about him.

The stem cell biologist and author Dr Bruce Lipton PhD taught that genes control life until his laboratory experiment proved otherwise.  That was when everything changed for him and he dedicated his life to research and understanding a new type of science – Epigenetics.

That dedicated has produced three books:  The Biology Of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution and The Honeymoon Effect.   Fot further information check out his website  brucelipton.com.

What Is Epigenetics?

I want to keep this simple but of course, it’s not simple, but I’ll give it a try.  Whenever I try to understand something and explain it I have to break it down into bite-size bits, then build up from there. 

Here goes.


a prefix occurring in loanwords from Greek, where it meant “upon,” “on,” “over,” “near,” “at,” “before,” “after” (epicedium; epidermis; epigene; epitome); on this model, used in the formation of new compound words (epicardium; epinephrine).


Dictionary .com

So, epigenetics literally means “upon” or “on top of” genetics. 

The “on top of” is pointing to external and environmental factors that turn our genes “on” or “off”.

These in turn define how our cells actually read those genes.

Therefore epigenetics tells us that it is NOT the genes that are controlling everything.

Epigenetics goes against everything we have previously been taught and thought.  

How did Dr Bruce Lipton discover this for himself?

Dr Bruce Lipton's Experiment

He took genetically identical cells and put them in three separate Petri dishes.  Adding three versions of culture medium he slightly changed the chemistry in each dish.

The result was three different environments were formed: muscle, bone and fat cells.  The genes responded to the environment.

The laboratory research proved that genes don’t control anything.  

In an interview Dr Lipton said of this experiment: 

“I’m teaching in a classroom that genes are controlling everything – genetic determinism -and in the laboratory, I’m finding that genes don’t control anything. The environment controls the genes.”

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Are You A Single Entity?

Dr Bruce Lipton says that the majority of us believe we are a single entity.  He argues that this is an illusion as we are made-up of 50 trillion cells. 

Remember the Petri dish experiment and imagine now that your body is a skin-covered petri dish. 

Our cells are fed blood (culture medium) and the chemistry of the culture medium determines the fate of the cells.  Whether we are healthy or sick.

Stay with me here, it gets super interesting. 

(Follow with the info-graph.)

Who control’s what chemistry is in the blood? 

Who is the chemist?  The brain is the chemist.

What chemistry should the brain put into the blood?  It depends on the picture in the mind.

The brain interprets the picture into chemistry.  The chemistry goes into the body so that the body becomes a complement to the picture.

To understand this better Dr. Lipton gives a fantastic analogy with a painting by numbers but he says take the hobby and reverse it.  Start with the completed picture.  

He says:

“So the brain looks at the picture, translates it into *numbers, chemistry, and then releases that paint into the culture medium. Then the culture medium goes to the cells and creates the complement of the picture”.

Dr. Bruce Lipton

*In this analogy the numbers are not paint but neuro chemicals, hormones, growth factors and emotional chemicals.

This means we respond to our environment and we are not victims to our genes turning on and off.  

However, we may be victims to the environment we’re in.  

Or to be more specific our perspective and perception of that environment.

Perspective And Perception

Our perception is interpreted through our senses (see, hear touch, taste, smell).

Our senses are created in our mind by us. 

If you change your perception then you can change your perspective (your way of seeing things).

Our mind is creating our life experiences.  


Whether that is creating change in your biology (epigenetics).  Or change in life direction.

Change your MIND to change your LIFE.

But which mind?

Which Mind Are We Running From During The Day?

The mind we are running from throughout the day is the subconscious mind.  Dr. Lipton surmises that we are living from our subconscious 95% of the day. 

That’s a lot.

The subconscious holds everything and it has been collecting and storing all the programs from birth onwards.  Dr. Lipton emphasizes that the idea that we have all been programmed is nothing new and refers to the 400-year-old adage, “Give me a child until its seven and I will show you the man”.

He states:

“It turns out this is not just a saying, this is a biological reality that we have been programmed and unfortunately, almost all of the programs we gathered are disempowering programs, limiting, self-sabotaging programs.”

Dr. Bruce Lipton

That is the kicker right there.  

Once you realize that you are running from these old limiting programs you can start to reprogram your subconscious mind with empowering programs and finally start to change your life.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Changing your limiting beliefs is entirely possible for you.  You can reprogram your subconscious mind to hold the beneficial programs to support the life you really want to be living right now.

There are many ways to do this but the best way is through listening to audio affirmations and messages in a relaxed state.  And repeatedly listen.  The subconscious mind learns through repetition.  

It won’t happen overnight but it will happen if you take action.

Start with small steps, read my blog on the subconscious mind and my review, which you may find useful.  

Oh, and if you like the infograph of Dr Lipton’s Experiment, feel free to download by clicking on it.

Now, take back your life and live the life you truly deserve!

The name of The Game is Experience so let us experience Connecting and Sharing. 

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