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How Is Magic Real?

I noticed a Google search is trending for Harry Potter, having been his birthday on Friday.  So, I put my thinking (not sorting) hat on to see if I could magically combine two of my favorite ingredients (subjects) and create my own post potion.  It worked like a charm and I call it – How Is Magic Real?

The first favorite ingredient is Harry Potter.  I read The Philosopher’s Stone (The Sorcerer’s Stone in the US) in 1998 and became progressively hooked more and more as I read the books and watched the movies.  

The second favorite ingredient is making old negative beliefs disappear.  A lot of my blog talks about changing your subconscious mind’s programming (non-beneficial beliefs) and how doing so you will change your life.  Finding out how to do that and being able to change my has life felt like magic.

How Is Magic Real? - Adult Potter


Ron finally gets to play in a Quidditch match in The Half-Blood Prince.  However, he doesn’t believe he is good enough to be playing.  This leads to him feeling nervous and not wanting to play.  

It mirrors how a lot of us feel when we finally get what we want only to not follow through because we hold limiting negative beliefs about ourselves that hold us back.  We self-sabotage ourselves.

In the story, Harry makes a big show of giving Ron a drink mixed with his Liquid Luck potion.  Ron drinks it and immediately feels fantastic about himself and the game ahead.  He is roaring with confidence. 

 The game and Ron are a huge success.

Ron believes the magic of the Liquid Luck potion has been the reason for his success.

Ron Believed He Had Luck

Ron believed he had luck and therefore he did.

Now, if you know the story, then you’ll know that Harry only pretended to put the Liquid Luck in Ron’s drink. 

What happened then?

Ron BELIEVED he suddenly had luck and that he could win the game.  As soon as he changed his thoughts – the beliefs he had – it changed his experience.  He believed that he was lucky and so he was.

Ron experienced the Placebo Effect, not magic Liquid Luck.

Your beliefs and thoughts are more powerful than you think. 

Dr. Joe Dispenza wrote about the Placebo Effect in his book You Are The Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter.  He documents hundreds of cases where people have healed themselves through thought alone.

You may believe that this is hocus pocus nonsense – and of course if that is your belief then it is true for you.  

My direct experience from changing my thoughts lead me to change my life – from building up my self-esteem, stopping smoking, and, having the confidence to learn new things. 

The non believers may ask the question – if I hadn’t changed my subconscious would I still have achieved the things I did?  I don’t know, it is impossible to find out.  I cannot go back to who I was – and I don’t want to.

There will always be two sides of the coin in this idea of being able to effect your external world by changing your inner world.

The Dichotomy Of Snape

Throughout most of the Harry Potter storyline, we see Snape through the eyes of Harry as an evil and bad dude.  Dumbledore relentlessly tells Harry that he is not and that he trusts Snape with his own life.  But Harry does not believe Dumbledore.

In the last installment (The Deathly Hallows) Harry realizes that Snape is in fact the bravest man in the world.  As a double agent, he has had to flit between Dumbledore and Voldemort and has dedicated his life to protecting Harry.  Snape was neither a good man or a bad man – he had layers and was more complex than that.  Unless of course, you want to believe he was one or the other. 

The point is, there will always be two schools of thought with everything.  We live in a dualistic world.

That’s just the way it is.  

This is why some people believe thoughts are things and some don’t.  The concept that we can change our inner world (thoughts and beliefs) and then our outer world (life experience) will change is understood and believed by some and not others.

That’s okay.  Accept the world as it is.  There is no need to debate and justify it.  

Everyone has their point of view and how they perceive their experience.  Let them have it.

This is why it is important to not waste time and energy on what other people think of you.  Your Mind and beliefs affect your experience, not theirs.  Control your mind so that you can make beneficial choices.  

Your choices ARE your experience.

Wise Words Of Dumbledore

At the end of The Chamber Of Secrets after a very young Harry has just saved the day he is in Dumbledore’s office having doubts.  He thinks he should have been put in Slytherin House.  Dumbledore asks him why then was he put in Gryffindor?  Harry replies, because he asked to be put in Gryffindor House.  Harry made a choice and Dumbledore tells him:

“It is not our abilities that show who we truly are, it is our choices.”

Professor Dumbledore

We make our choices based on our past experiences and beliefs.  These are held in the huge data bank that holds EVERYTHING from the moment we are born – our subconscious mind.

We function from the subconscious mind for most of our day.

This is why it is SO important to know our subconscious mind.  To understand why we make the choices we make.  Once you understand what makes you tick, you can change the old limiting programs and make better, more beneficial choices. And have a more enjoyable life experience.

How Is Magic Real?

I have loved the Harry and Hogwarts story immensely but the magic of life is an even more enjoyable experience.

Magic in life can be seen everywhere if you would just open your eyes and look.  

If you cannot see the magic – I get it.  

I haven’t always seen it either.  I used to live on autopilot and took life for granted but not anymore.  Now, I truly appreciate every day. 

I started to see the magic of life after discovering and applying these three things:

My world has literally opened up and I see it as Amazing and Wonder Full.  A maze of experiences (choices) to enjoy with a wonder filled mind.  

That is how magic is real.  

I created an online course last year on how to change your subconscious beliefs – click the pink link:- 😉

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