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How To Stop Caring What People Think

A big layer of the onion has just peeled away and dropped off.  I often liken the process of getting to know yourself with this analogy. It seems that as you overcome one thing yet another thing will reveal itself later on and require “sorting out”.  I finally stopped caring about what other people think of me.  You’re probably wondering, hang on a minute didn’t she say in one of her older posts that she’d gotten over this?  Yep, I did or I thought I did until something came up.  Let me show you how to stop caring what people think and share my story.


To be fair to me I had pretty much resolved caring what people thought of me. I haven’t cared for ages and it’s awesome to not worry like that anymore.  As I write this, my website has only been up and running for three months and at that time it was recommended to me to start a YouTube channel to support it.  I made one YouTube video to put on my website’s about page and haven’t touched the channel since.  The reason being is that I’ve been writing content and maintaining my site.  

Or so I thought.  

I just had a week off work and I focused intently on my website.  I managed to get a lot done, so much so that I had some time to reflect on what I had achieved and where I was now.  YouTube loomed in my face as the next thing to add to my site.  I have no experience of being a YouTuber.

So, I got on YouTube to learn about YouTube.  LOL.

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Awesome Content Creators

Wow.  I was blown away by the amount of really valuable and useful content available from some really amazing content creators. I spent a good few hours watching videos about how to start a YouTube channel, big mistakes beginners make, and tips on making thumbnails, etc.  I learned a lot and was glad I made notes throughout.

Brilliant I thought, all my questions answered so that I can get going.  And then it happened.  

I had a wobble.

I started doubting myself and old familiar feelings of fear and negativity started to rise up in me. At first, I didn’t even recognize what was happening as I hadn’t felt like that for the longest time.

There was a subtle thought in the back of mind – have you really been so busy that you didn’t have time to start your channel or is it something else?  


I’ve done a lot of work on myself over the years and so facing this head-on was something I knew to do straight away.  No way was I going to let it linger and eat away at my already established high self-worth.

I pressed play on an uplifting and awesome song – Empire State Of Mind.  (If Jay-Z and Alicia don’t lift you out of a funk and get you dancing, I don’t know what does).

After the boogie – I got quiet and started to sort through my thoughts and feelings.

Getting Real

As soon as I relaxed and quieted my mind the truth revealed itself – I had been putting off creating videos and my YouTube channel because of caring what others would think of me.  Thoughts and feelings flooded out of me and I scribbled them down:

  • There are so many people out that making fantastic videos, I can’t do that.
  • I’m not good enough to be able to do this You-tuber thing.
  • No-one will want to watch or listen to my videos.
  • What if people think I’m a phoney and say negatives things about me?
  • My teeth are dodgy, my hair is crazy and I speak weird.
  • What if someone that knows me sees a video and laughs (and not in the good way)?

Okay, so I had a big wobble.  But not for long.

I Had A Word With Myself

First, I was kind and didn’t give myself a hard time for feeling the way I did.  

Next, I had a word with myself:

  • Wanting to start a YouTube channel is something totally different and it is understandable why I might feel a little fear.  
  • Don’t be hard on yourself, you have overcome not caring what others think of you and YouTube is just on another level when it comes to not caring.
  • Remember who you are.

Then, I remembered that:

  • Of course, I’m good enough.
  • I am unique and there is no-one like me.
  • I have no clue now how to do this but I know I can learn.
  • So what if there are loads of people already doing what you want to do – they are not you.
  • Some people will watch and like you – some won’t.
  • Some people will leave great comments – some won’t.
  • If I don’t try, I will never know and I could miss out on a really cool experience.

Finally, I let go of the fear because I know from experience it is an illusion in my mind.  I refuse to feed it.  I know that if I do feed it I will miss out and life is too short for all that nonsense.  I’m not that girl anymore.

I decided that I will have fun learning how to be a YouTuber.  I will enjoy the process as I do with everything else in my life and the outcome is irrelevant.   What other people think of me is irrelevant.

Breaking news – LOL – I’m going to create a YouTube Channel and I don’t care what anyone thinks as it is none of my business.

Who's That Girl?

The girl who finally stopped caring about what other people think!

I had no intention of writing this article but I did for two reasons:

  • Accountability – I have just declared to the world (okay, my 7 readers reading this, LOL) that I don’t care what other people think of me and that I will start a YouTube channel.  I HAVE to do it now.
  • Maybe, I’ll inspire, motivate, or help someone else to stop caring what other people think of them.

I’m not jumping on YouTube right now as I don’t have any videos recorded and I haven’t worked everything out yet.  But I’ve started already.  I’m working out video content ideas first and plan on having fifty and then I’ll start recording.  How exciting!

I got that great tip from YouTuber “It’s Nya”.  Cheers Nya!

She said to prepare a few videos BEFORE you upload your first.  When she started she uploaded her first video and then went AWOL from her channel for two months as she wasn’t prepared.

So, I thought I’d give her a shout out as a thank you.  Not only did she provide great content but she is sincere, humble, and very funny.  Worth checking her out if you want to start your channel.

Watch out for me on YouTube too!

I mentioned earlier that I have done a lot of work on myself and there are 6 things that really helped me with this.  

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