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How To Stop The Smoking

There is ONLY ONE reason that I’m writing this article about how to stop the smoking.  The smoking going on in your life that is.  Right off the bat, I’m going to say this is not a “Smoking is so bad for you” or “You have to stop smoking” or even “Here are all the benefits if you stop” article.  Neither am I going to tell you that if you don’t stop something horrible will happen.

No judging, no criticizing, no shaming, no guilt-tripping, and definitely no smoker bashing here.

Smoke or don’t smoke.  I’m neutral about the whole business of smoking.

Back to that ONLY ONE reason:  

I’m writing this article because I told myself the last time I stopped smoking that if I didn’t start again for at least two years AND I didn’t feel like I wanted to smoke again THEN I would share how I did it, in some way.  And here we are.

Because if just one person wants to stop and stops because I shared my story.  Happy days.  My work is done here (tiny smile).

As much as the subject matter may be serious to you (as it was to me when stopping), this article is not.  Serious that is.  Hence they’ll be no telling you what to do, how to do it or any top 10 reasons to quit.  Blah, blah, blah.  There’s plenty of that out there in its various forms, right?

HOWEVER, the way I stopped is something I’m super serious about, because it worked.

I want this post to be useful and beneficial to you and me.  That said, I have added affiliate links to this article and would love it if you decide to use them.  😘


The “some other things” in the above title is that the method I used to stop smoking not only did that but it was something I  used to sort and deal with other things bugging me in my life.

You see, little did I know the stopping smoking was just the beginning of changing my life.  If you like, it was the spark (pun intended) that kick-started me into making other changes.  I changed the things that were either holding me back in life or just keeping me stuck.

I Wanted To Be One Of Charlie's Angels

In a moment, when I start to share what I did to stop smoking I’ll be using certain words.  These words may put you off continuing to read.  I understand.  Words and the things we associate with them can turn us off, turn us on, or just confuse us.

I get it.

I may use certain words (in a moment) that you may think:  

Oh, she’s one of those people.  She’s talking woo woo.  Or as I like to call it hoo ha.  I’m not into any hoo ha.  Woo woo.  Or woo wa. You know what I mean.

I repeat: I’m not into any hoo ha.

Let’s move on.

Growing up, I wanted to be a Private Investigate (PI).

Truth be told, I actually wanted to be a Charlie’s Angel.  

I like clues, evidence, and problem-solving.  The point is, I’m interested in the evidence.   More specifically, the evidence in my life.

How To Stop The Smoking - Private Detectives

I’m interested in direct experience.  And the evidence.

I’m trying to say two things here.  (1) I can speak about how I stopped smoking because I was a smoker, I stopped and started numerous times, and (2) I found a way that worked for me.  


I was a smoker.  I’m not now and haven’t been for nearly 3 years (the evidence in my life).  And this is what I did (direct experience).  That’s it.

Back to those words.  I will be using certain words (don’t judge me, see point above) but that is because I don’t know how else to describe what I’m talking about.  

Do you feel me?

Meditation Relaxation

Keeping It Real

I’m keeping this as real as possible in the knowledge that I know it worked.  And while we’re on that, it worked for ME.  Will it work for you?  

I have no idea.  I know nothing about you.  

Perleease, we’re not in The Emerald City and I’m not the great and powerful Oz!  

My suggestion?  

Continue reading.  If it resonates with you.  Oh dear I’ve just used one of those words.  Resonate.  How else can I say that?

Hold on.  I’m getting on Google.  Let’s see if there is another word or words I can use.  

Resonate (verb) definition:  To produce an emotional effect on someone.  To inspire or provoke.

Okay, I will rephrase what I said.

If you read the article and you feel good about it, give it a go.  If not, move along and carry on with your day.

First things first.  

I said earlier that I had stopped numerous times.  Honestly, I can’t remember how many times I stopped and started.  It really doesn’t matter.  The important thing here is, that the last time I stopped, I stopped for good and with a method that I hadn’t used before.  

A method that I still use but for other things now.

Getting the smoking out the way cleared the path for all the other things I wanted to change.  I figured, if I can stop smoking I can do anything.

I can fly!  Fly, fly, fly!

Okay, I know I can’t fly unless I get onto a Boeing 747.  No chance of that at the moment though, eh?

Alright, I’ll get onto what I did do.  Calm down, I’m getting there.  Give me a break.  Go have a cigarette!   

Inappropriate humor?  Whatever.

How To Stop The Smoking - Lady Hand Smoking

The Stop Smoking Methods I Didn't Try

I did not try gum, patches, that *weird drug that gives you nightmares or electronic cigarettes.

*Years ago, I was on a work course that lasted for 6 months, we’d all meet up once a week for it.  A guy on the course stopped smoking with that weird drug.  Each week he’d come in tell us about his strange, trippy nightmares.  With wide eyes, he’d go into detail about weird gargoyle creatures pushing him into walls and inanimate objects asking him for a light.  He had nightmares like something out of a David Cronenberg flick.  He’d crack a small somber smile and say, at least I haven’t started smoking again.  I never said anything to him.  But I always thought, dude, really?  As I dragged on my fag.

Fo me, whenever I decided to quit – it was always set a quit date and buy lots of nice food.  Then, a dramatic throw it all (cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays) out and away we go.

By the way, if any of the stuff that I didn’t try worked for you.  Great.  Whatever floats your boat.  Not knocking any of it.  

Just saying.

InnerTalk: Change has never been easier!

Stopping Smoking - It Was A Mental Thing For Me

You see, deep down, I always felt that it was something mental not physical for me.  

Not mental as in I’m mental.  Not – I’m a currrazzzy lady mental!  

No, just that I knew from the evidence I collected over the years from previous attempts that it couldn’t be physical.  Once I gave up for 2 years so how could it have been a physical issue?  In actuality, I was physically healthier in those 2 years. 

That’s why I didn’t use the methods I mentioned earlier; they seemed to be more focused on the physical.  I’m not saying there are no physical symptoms.  But what I’m saying is once the physical cravings etc. calm down then what is left?   Your thoughts that you are thinking and the choices you make. 

You’ve probably caught on by now that I used a mental method to stop smoking.  🤨   Hahaha…😂 some people think it is a mental method. 

But not in a good way, know what I mean?

When I say mental I’m referring to the stuff going on internally for me.  In my mind.  The thoughts I had about myself and smoking. 

Okay, okay you say, but WHAT was it? I’m getting there.

Stop Procrastinating Subliminal MP3 - Subliminal CD

The Mental Thing I Did To Stop Smoking

I’ll take you through how I came to the information that stopped my smoking:

  • I listened to a podcast interview.
  • The person being interviewed was Dr. Bruce Lipton (biologist and author).
  • He said that following his lab experiment he concluded that previous to popular belief our genes don’t control anything, the environment controls the genes.

You can read the whole article I wrote about him but for now, see the (free) info-graph that takes you through his findings.

  • One of his findings (amongst other results) is that we are living 95% of our life from our subconscious mind and 5% from our conscious mind.

Now, the subconscious IS the great and powerful Oz, in the following sense:

  • Not only is it responsible for our breathing, blood pumping, and putting one from in front of the other BUT it holds Everything that we have ever experienced.  A huge data bank that holds our past experiences and beliefs.

For instance, if you believe that “once a smoker, always a smoker”, guess what?  Your subconscious will ensure that you will always be a smoker. 

That’s its job.  It takes your beliefs and makes sure you are acting them out.

What does that mean?

It means, until you delete that old program (non-beneficial belief) from your data bank (subconscious mind) and replace it with a new program (beneficial belief) you will continue to play out the old program in your life.

In this case, continue to smoke.

Make sense?

It totally did for me.  All that to-ing and fro-ing, stopping and starting.  Smoker’s Dance! (You know exactly what I mean by that).

Here comes some of those words….

I literally changed my mind by accessing the subconscious mind.  I got into a certain brainwave state and then using affirmation and visualizations I changed those old beliefs..

Simple?  Yes.  Easy?  No.  

You’ve got to be committed and apply the exercises daily.  (Like any big change in personal growth.)

Stopping Smoking - It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over

It ain’t over ‘till it’s over was a phrase from the American baseball legend Yogi Berra.  (Later used by others including Lenny Kravitz with his hit song of the same name.)  Berra used that line in a 1973 game to his team that was losing.  A pep talk to say to them, we’re behind but keep going because the game has not finished yet.  They eventually won the game.

Life is your game.  And you’re still playing in it.

No matter how many times you have stopped and started smoking, remember, it ain’t over ‘till it’s over.

There are numerous tools and people that can help you change your limiting beliefs.  Check out my article here about those tools.

Inner Talk has audio specifically for stopping smoking.

MindPlace Limina

I know some people worry about putting on weight or not sleeping when they stop smoking.  I do have another affiliation with Health Fitness and Longevity – Dr. Robins creates natural products for improved health and longevity and provides supplements for both weight loss and sleeping better.  He has a 10% discount coupon when you start shopping and lots of other supplements to help with your health.

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