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What Is A Subliminal Message? – InnerTalk REVIEW

InnerTalk’s focus is on how we talk to ourselves and they provide digital products to listen to with the intention of changing that internal conversation.  They do this by using subliminal messages.  Subliminal messages are hidden messages, called so as they are not audible to the conscious mind but the subconscious mind.  Are you looking for a Review of the InnerTalk product?  Great, then, READ ON as I give a detailed report. 

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Website: Innertalk.com

Price: $25.95 – $199 (Depending on product choice)

Owner: Eldon Taylor

Overall Rank: 9.0 out of 10

InnerTalk: Change has never been easier!



In terms of a snappy overview of InnerTalk, the name SAYS it all. 

We all have inner talk going on in our minds and it can either have a positive or negative affect in our life.  Obviously, any negative talk e.g. “I’ll never find a girlfriend” or “I can’t stop gambling/smoking/drinking alcohol” is not beneficial if this is something we want to change.  

InnerTalk’s owner Eldon Taylor provides audio programs that can be used to reprogram the subconscious mind so that your inner talk matches and supports the change you want to make externally.  The audio programs have easy listening to music or nature sounds and carefully blended into the background are powerful affirmations e.g. “I can stop smoking”, “I am successful”, “I feel great” that make long lasting change, positive  impressions.  These powerful affirmations in the background to the music are the subliminal messages.

InnerTalk Philosophy

Eldon Taylor set-up InnerTalk in 1984 with the goal of producing a program that would eliminate negative and destructive self talk so that people could pursue the life they dreamed of and achieve all that they set out to do.  

In other words, giving us the tools (his services and products) to assist us in living a fulfilled and happy life.  He uses his own products and states: 

“In using these products myself, I have found that my entire world changed. For others who have taken that challenge, their letters assure me that the change is spreading.”

Eldon Taylor

InnerTalk Science And Research

The technology behind the programs has been tested by over 40 clinical trials and double-blind studies by Innertalks’s parent company called Progressive Awareness. They note that their products and services are for educational purposes and not a substitute for health care.  

Spanning over 25 years, they claim their research of InnerTalk technology is repeatedly effective.  Innertalk technology is patented under International Patent Law.  They are very proud of this:

“We do not cite others work on other things, we cite our own. There is a dearth of information and research out there regarding subliminal communication and we make that all available to you free at our parent site, progressiveawareness.org. The bottom line is this: InnerTalk is unique and proven to work!”

Access to the Technology Guide can be located within InnerTalk’s menu but here is an outline of the 10 types of technology used:

  1. InnerTalk Subliminal

Audio tracks with music or nature sounds that can be listened to as you go about your day.  (With some obvious exceptions e.g. the High Energy program would not be listened to while sleeping or the Sleep Soundly program while driving).

They say that this technology has been independently researched and is based on new scientific discoveries about how we learn and process information.  Mixed in with the music are life changing affirmations that the subconscious pick-ups and absorbs.  The affirmations will correspond with the topic you have chosen.  You have your pick of over 300 self-growth/help topics.

  1. OZO and Echo-Tech

Whilst Inner Talk Subliminal is used during the day OZO and Echo-Tech are used with headphones at the end of the day or when you have time to just sit and relax.  It is suggested that they can be used in conjunction with Inner Talk Subliminal to speed up the process.

  1. Power Imaging

A blend of the Inner Talk Subliminal with guided imagery.  

  1. Platinum Plus

A tool to take you to a state of mind of that is usually achieved through years and years of practicing meditation.

  1. Video Entrainment

Visual subliminal messages – a color show with the affirmations for your goals embedded within it.

  1. Power Sets

Two programs (Inner Talk, OZO and Echo-Tech) in one, created when customers reported faster results with the combination.

  1. Collections

Approach the same issue with a variety of technologies.

  1. Albums 

A combination of different programs.

  1. Libraries

A complete course where you can tackle an issue from different angles.

  1. HPP – Hypo Peripheral Processing PLUS InnerTalk

InnerTalk collaborated with psychologist and psychotherapist Lloyd Glauberman to offer his product alongside InnerTalk.  Glauberman’s product is called HPP and is a hypnosis program.  There are 4 aspects to his technology, more in-depth detail is provided on the site.

What Self-Help Issues and Subjects Are Covered In The Programs?

There are over 300 different titles to choose from under the following ten categories:

  • Success – e.g. Procrastination, Confidence, Releasing mental blocks, Writer (I Am a Writer), Employment (Finding The Right Employment), Failure (Eliminating The Fear of Failure). 

  • Better Life – e.g. Anger and Fear (Freedom from Anger and Fear), Anxiety (Releasing Anxiety: Discovering Self-Peace), Self Control, Freedom from the Fear of Flying, Healing from Grief and Trauma, Releasing Fear, Doubt and Feelings of Hopelessness and Helplessness

  • Relationships – e.g. Setting Healthy Boundaries, End Co-Dependence, Intimacy and Relationships, Freedom From Jealousy, Love (Attract Your Perfect partner), Releasing the Fear of Rejection, Overcoming Shyness

  • Health And Wellness – e.g. Peaceful Sleep, Pain Management, Younger and Healthier, Healthy Living, Enhancing Fertility, Becoming Vegetarian, Caffeine Addiction, Adult ADHD, Blood Sugar Control, Stroke Recovery, Freedom from Snoring

  • Habits And Addictions – e.g. Forever Free of Cigarettes, Freedom from Addictions, Pornography Addiction, Video Gaming Addiction, Freedom from Gambling, Freedom from Alcohol, Overcoming Internet Addiction

  • Body Image – e.g. Body (I love My Body), Motivational Weight Loss, Healthy Eating for Weight Loss, Muscle (Weight and Muscle Gain), Boost Your Metabolism

  • Sports And Fitness – e.g. Body Building, Bowling, Baseball, Equine Skills, Fighting Power, Football, Golf Like a Pro, Judo, Martial Arts, Running, Tennis, Walking for Health

  • Children And Parenting – e.g. Freedom from bedwetting, Gifted Child, ADHD, Wonders of Childbirth, Successful Children / Family Dynamics, Leadership for Young People, Freedom from maternal Depression, Comfortable Pregnancy, Positive Parenting, Thumb Sucking, School Phobia, Just For Newborns

  • Learning – e.g. Maximizing Brain Power, Smart and Sharp, Learning for Examinations, Creative Genius, Accelerated Learning and Memory, Developing and Enhancing Artistic Abilities, Musical Abilities, Learn Easily, Mathematics is easy, Word Power: Spelling and Vocabulary, Concentration is Easy, Exams (I Excel in Exams)

  • Spirituality – e.g. Mindfulness, Deep Meditation, Mastering Dreams, Developing the Sixth Sense, Manifesting Your Vision, Synchronicity, Humble and Powerful, Yoga Meditations, Auras, Spiritual Awareness, Metaphysical Oneness.

Please note that there are even more examples given on the site.

Who Is InnerTalk For?

With the huge collection of different topics there is pretty much something for everyone. 

Therefore, everybody and anybody can benefit, just pick the program related to what you want to change.

But, does it work?

Do InnerTalk Products Work?

To find out whether the programs worked I went digging on the internet to read customer’s comments and feedback.  


PRODUCT REVIEW SITES: Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau

InnerTalk have an account on Trustpilot but as you can see there are no reviews:

Better Business Bureau show no complaints and no reviews:

Next I looked on QUORA and Amazon:

Searching InnerTalk on QUORA gave general threads about whether subliminal messages worked or not but I could find no mention of InnerTalk.

Amazon – Prosperity And Abundance: An InnerTalk Subliminal Program Audio CD

This customer gave 1 star and mentions the music but not if the product worked.

Amazon – InnerTalk CD120MU Ultra Success Power – Subconscious Learning CD

The product didn’t work for this client when he was looking for success.

Amazon – Innertalk CD Soaring Self Esteem (Whole Brain Innertalk Ser.) CD Audio CD

This guy has said that in just over 3 weeks of listening he has seen no change in his self-esteem. He says he contacted InnerTalk and they told him that he has to believe it will work.

Amazon – Stop Smoking (Whole Brain Innertalk Ser.) Audio CD

A sad waste of money and it didn’t work.

Amazon – Weight Loss Now (Whole Brain InnerTalk CD) 

A disappointed customer that said they could only hear music.


I found 1 positive comment from QUORA and the rest from Amazon.

Quora – InnerTalk Impulse Control was helpful this customer.

Amazon – Prosperity And Abundance: An InnerTalk Subliminal Program Audio CD.

Two customers happy with their Prosperity And Abundance CD.

Amazon – InnerTalk CD120MU Ultra Success Power – Subconscious Learning CD

Another two customers finding their CDs, one said it was uplifting and the other that they could see the difference it has made.

Amazon – Innertalk CD Soaring Self Esteem (Whole Brain Innertalk Ser.) CD Audio CD.

This customer is so happy with the results stating that she feels she has found a magic wand.

InnerTalk Pros

PRO #1

Well established company since 1984 and still going strong with their own patented technology that they have been testing and researching for 25 years.

PRO #2

Over 300 different topics to choose from: stuttering, bedwetting, addictions, manifesting, weight goals, procrastination, fear, etc.

PRO #3

Efficient Customer Service and detailed FAQs.

PRO #4

Easy to use (press play, listen and/or watch) with a range of different mediums – MP3s, books, videos, CDs.

InnerTalk Cons

CON #1

The music used is not to everyone’s taste, and has been likened to mall music.

CON #2

There is a spiritual element to most of the programs, they say they have attempted to offer a variety of spiritual programs to include something for everyone.  This may or may not be something you want to consider.  

CON #3

No direct download to smart phones or tablets; you will need to use a download manager app.

InnerTalk The Main Benefits

  • Large range of subjects covered for tackling issues and to self-evolve
  • Results seen after using every day for at least 30 days
  • Each product has a sample of the affirmations used to listen to in the shopping cart before buying
  • Quick and easy access with download
  • Informative website with customer support 
  • Subscribe to the InnerTalk InTouch Newsletter and get the Forgiving And Letting Go Audio Free:

InnerTalk Support

Access to Eldon Taylor can be reached easily as he has a link on InnerTalk’s site that takes you through to EldonTaylor.com and it is clear that he sincerely supports helping people move forward positively in their life.  He completely puts himself out there and you can contact him direct or join him on one of his social networks.  

You can join him every Monday on his radio show with co-host Ravinder Taylor where they discuss why it is important to take charge of your own thoughts.  The duo interview different personalities.  The show Provocative Enlightenment’s slogan:

“Tackling the hard questions in search of what really matters”

Photos of InnerTalk’s team are shown where you can read their biographies, including Eldon Taylor’s.

There is a Blog and Newsletter.  When you subscribe to their newsletter you get tips on how to live a better life and a FREE program.  One of the main messages on the site is the importance of forgiveness and they offer their forgiveness downloadable free: Day and Night versions of Forgiving and Letting Go.

They have a free toll number for US and Canadian customers on their Contact page.  Plus an email and mailing address.  They have a detailed FAQ page and I would suggest reading this first if you have any questions.

InnerTalk Price

Pricing depends on whether you buy a bundle of products or a single program. 

SINGLE Programs: $25.95

SINGLE Programs: Platinum Plus (short cut to advance meditation): $39.93

SINGLE Programs: Hypno-Peripheral Processing $27.95 or $44


(1) Power Sets are a combination of a headphone program and a InnerTalk subliminal program.  Available with a physical CD or downloadable MP3.  The following is one example of a power set:

Esteem (Soaring Self-Esteem ($49 ) includes –

  • OZO: Powerful Self-Esteem (this is the headphone program)
  • InnerTalk: Soaring Self-Esteem (this is the InnerTalk subliminal program.

(2) Collections consist of 4 programs. Available with a physical CD or downloadable MP3. The following is one example of a collection:

Substance Abuse (Overcoming Substance Abuse) ($79) includes –

  • InnerTalk: Freedom from Substance Abuse
  • InnerTalk: Impulse Control
  • Echo-Tech: End Co-Dependent Patterns
  • OZO: Peace

(3) Albums are a mixture of programs to meet many needs within the topic.  Available with a physical CD, downloadable MP3 or MP3s on Flash drive. The following is one example of an album:

Childbirth (Miracle of Childbirth) ($149.95) includes –

  • Echo-Tech: Stress Free
  • OZO: Inner Peace
  • InnerTalk (in nature): Comfortable Pregnancy
  • InnerTalk (in nature): Wonder of Childbirth
  • InnerTalk (in nature): Releasing Anxiety
  • InnerTalk (in nature): Positive Relationships
  • InnerTalk (in nature): Natural Pain Relief
  • InnerTalk (in nature): Just For Newborns
  • InnerTalk (in nature): Freedom from Maternal Depression

(4) Libraries include 6 audio programs, 1 video, 1 presentation, and a booklet. Available with a physical CD or downloadable MP3.  This example is for the Heath and Wellness and designed to train your mind to create the healthiest version of you:

Health and Wellness ($199) includes –

  • Lectures: Health and Wellness
  • OZO: Health and Healing
  • Echo-Tech: High Self-Esteem
  • Power Imaging: Health and Pain Relief
  • InnerTalk: Accelerated Healing and Well-Being
  • InnerTalk: Powerful Immune System
  • InnerTalk: Forgiving and Letting Go
  • Video Entrainment: Psychoneuroimmunology.

What Could You Achieve If You Finally Got Out Of Your Own Way?

Eliminating Self-Sabotage

My Final Opinion Of InnerTalk

InnerTalk mind technologies work on the subconscious mind.  The new science that they elude to has and is being researched and developed.  

Many neurologists, scientists and authors like Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Gregg Braden have been talking about the power of the mind for some time now.

These visionaries have been spreading the word and telling us that limiting beliefs and past experiences are held in our subconscious and that our behavior and choices are being dictated by the subconscious mind and therefore to make changes to them we must talk to the subconscious mind, not the conscious mind.  The conscious mind may be willing but it is the subconscious mind that is in charge.  This is why speaking affirmations to our conscious mind are usually not going to make any real difference in our lives.

InnerTalk’s programs are designed to reprogram you subconscious for success in all areas of your life.

Eldon Taylor and InnerTalk’s website are completely transparent about their technology, how it works, and what it can do for you.  Their website may look dated to you but it offers a wealth of information.  They offer a money back guarantee and are open to all your questions.  They do mention in their FAQs to give the programs time to work as everyone is different.  They suggest listening a minimum of once a day for 30 days.

InnerTalk: Change has never been easier!

InnerTalk At A Glance


Website: InnerTalk.com

Owners: Eldon Taylor

Price: $25.95 – $199 (Depending on product choice)

Overall Rank: 9.0 out of 10

Subliminal Messages InnerTalk


One Last Thing

Okay, maybe a couple of last things.  With any self-growth product you need to be willing to commit to doing the work.  InnerTalk recommends listening to their audios every day for at least 30 days.  From my experience of life anything really worth while requires effort to produce results.  

Your MINDSET is key to first committing and then being willing to change.  You can do this.  

The name of The Game is Experience so let us experience Connecting and Sharing.  

Have you experienced this product before or are you interested in the technology they have created?   Share in the comments below.

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