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Learn How To Meditate – The Fun Way

You feel anxious and depressed plus you don’t get enough sleep.  By developing a meditation practice you know that you can reduce your anxiety, treat your depression naturally, and get a good night’s sleep.  So, you learn how to meditate.  Yet, you don’t meditate because you find it difficult and get frustrated trying.

In fact, when you try, it has the opposite effect and leaves you feeling frustrated, disappointed and upset, which makes you even more anxious.  And you give up.

Does that sound like you?  Yes?

Well, you will be glad you surfed on over here because I have the answer you are looking for.  What I should say is, I have found the exact technology that will finally make mediation easy for you.  From now on quietening your mind will be a piece of cake.

The technology is called the Kasina Mind Media System and it uses light and sound therapy to entrain your mind for meditation and so much more. By the end of this article (or maybe before), you will be intrigued and interested in this technology. Why?  Because THIS TECHNOLOGY  WILL SERIOUSLY CAUSE YOU TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN POSITIVE AND WONDERFUL WAYS.  The 5 to 7 minutes it will take you to read this article IS worth it – I kid you not.

Before I get into how the Kasina works, let’s recap on the benefits of meditation and then explain what light and sound therapy is.

I want this post to be useful and beneficial to you and me.  That said, I have added affiliate links to this article and would love it if you decide to use them.  😘


I wrote in detail about mindfulness meditation and the emotional, mental, and physical benefits – there are numerous so check that out here.  Meanwhile, here is a short list:

  • Improved self-esteem, self-worth, and self-awareness
  • Less stress and therefore less anxiety
  • Better emotional health – manage depression naturally
  • Fight addictions by understanding the root cause and why you are addicted through increased self-awareness
  • Assists in reducing the suffering of chronic pain and able to sleep soundly
  • Sharper focus and concentration 
  • Self-acceptance and being kind (and non-judgmental) to yourself and others

Let’s face it, most people benefit from practicing meditation and the Kasina Mind Media System gets you into the meditating state of mind easily and it does this by using light and sound technology.  

Let’s dive into light and sound therapy now. 


What Is Light & Sound Therapy?

Lights are flickered over the eyes.  Sounds and tones are listened to through headphones.

These lights and sound are used to stimulate brain activity through computer technology (e.g. The Kasina).

The flickering light plus the sounds stimulate the brain waves to match a certain desired frequency rate (*beta, alpha or theta) depending on what is required.

*Brain waves explained:

The brain is an electrochemical organ, which means that it can generate a conservative amount of electrical power.  That electrical activity is shown as brainwaves ranging from very active to the least active.

Each brainwave reflects your state of mind as follows:

  • Beta: (Waking state) actively thinking, concentrating, focusing, and processing information.
  • Alpha: (Restful state) resting but still alert e.g. after reading this post you may relax and reflect on what you have just read.
  • Theta: (Dreamy state) REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, deep relaxation, deep meditation
  • Delta: (Sleep state) Deep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness
  • Gamma: (High Concentration) 

For example, if you want to sharpen your thinking, stop the monkey mind of continual chatter or just relax then all you need do is pop on the Kasina headphones and goggles to listen to the sound, watch the light show, and re-train (or entrain) your brain.  

Kasina Deep Vision Bundle

What Is The Kasina Mind Media System?

The Kasina was created by MindPlace, a company that has been designing meditation technology since 1988.  In essence the Kasina system is:

  • An MP3 that holds over 50 sessions (plus more can be downloaded from SoundCloud and you can create your own).
  • Ear-Bud style headphones
  • Deep Vision GanzFrames designed to use with eyes open or closed.

Easy to use – sit or lay down and get comfortable.  Put the ear-buds in and choose a track to focus on your desired outcome.  Tracks include:

  • Meditate tracks – relax and/or meditate.
  • Rejuvenate tracks – great for when you arrive home from work.
  • Accelerate tracks – focus and increase energy levels.
  • Trance tracks – to get to the state between sleep and wakefulness.
  • Mind Art tracks – visualization and conscious altering.

Get the GanzFrames at the ready and off you go!

Easy, right?

Learn How To Meditate - Girl Headphones

How Does The Kasina Work?

The Kasina technology is a very powerful meditation mind machine that combines both light and sound to shift your brain into different brain wave states.  Note that light and sound therapy are NOT new and there are many studies about its effect on our brains.

A recent study by MIT’s Picower institute used BOTH light and sound therapy on mice and it cleared the harmful proteins in their brains that interfere with brain function.  Gamma brainwaves do not function well in Alzheimer patients and this was the focus in the mice testing.

Previous studies using just light had positive results but when the institute used visual and audio stimulation at the SAME time the effect was remarkable. The gamma waves responded to the light and sound and there was a significant drop in the build up of the harmful proteins. Not only that but the proteins in the hippocampus (which is associated with memory) were also cleared-up and improved cognitive function in the mice.

Yes, of course we have different brains to mice but even so this noticeable effect is a step in the right direction and the institute is working towards ways to test on humans too.

Studies go back as far as 125 A.D and 200 A.D. and even before that with rhythmic sounds being used to create altered states of consciousness.  Flickering lights intrigued ancient scientists and gave rise to various experiments in the phenomenon:

  • 125 A.D. – Apuleius revealed a type of epilepsy when observing flickering light through the rotation of a potter’s wheel
  • 200 A.D. – Ptolemy saw the flickering generated by sunlight through the spokes of a spinning wheel.

The numerous studies prove unquestionably that the effect on the brain of having both light and sound stimulation at the SAME time is profound.

Kasina - We Can Help You Change Your Mind

Benefits Of The Kasina

I touched on meditation benefits so you already have an idea on the benefits as the Kasina can easily get you into a meditative state of mind.  Nevertheless, I want to outline ALL of the benefits, here goes:

  • Easily and quickly get into a meditative state and calm the monkey mind
  • Mental health issues – natural way to treat depression and decrease social anxiety disorder.  (Note as with all information on this website – it is educational information and not to replace medical advice.  Always ask your health care provider if you wish to use the Kasina as a supplement to your care.)
  • Peace of mind – stress reduced
  • Sharper mind – focus and concentration heightened
  • Deep relaxation
  • Great night’s sleep
  • Pain management
  • Kind mind – the ability to accept yourself and others as they are without judgment
  • Increased self-awareness – understand why you do the things you do
  • Addictions can be squashed due to becoming more aware of the root cause
  • Reprogram your subconscious by getting into the optimal state of mind that facilitates this – you can create your own sessions to listen to with the Kasina 
  • Get into an altered state of consciousness

There are so many wonderful benefits that after you have resolved any issues that you originally bought the Kasina for you can continue using it to relax, meditate and reprogram any limiting beliefs or thoughts when or if they come up.

The Kasina Mind Media System is not just for now, it is for life.

The Price And Guarantee

The Kasina bundle of user guide, console, preloaded sessions, GanzFrames, ear-buds is priced at $399 and has a money back guarantee of 60 days.


But, is it for everyone?

Is The Kasina For Everyone?

Yes and no.  Pretty much everyone will benefit from using the Kasina.  However, if you have past or present concerns about your mental health then maybe this is not for you and you would benefit from checking with your doctor or therapist before using it.

Also, if you have a sensitivity to light and/or sound, again, check with your health care practitioner.

Kasina DeepVision Bundle

Seriously, The Solution You Have Been Looking For

I write a lot about the importance of building up your self-esteem and doing it in a long lasting way by reprogramming your subconscious mind.  To reprogram your subconscious mind you need to enter into a very deep, relaxed state of mind and I know that is not easy to do for everyone.  But now you have a solution with the Kasina.  Not only will it transport you to where you need to be but it will also be easy and fun.  And let’s not forget the other numerous benefits I’ve already mentioned.  I’ll sum-up here – if you:

  • Have found it difficult to quieten your mind for some time, this technology will make it easier and much more enjoyable.

  • Want to meditate to reduce your anxiety, treat depression naturally and sleep soundly – the Kasina can be used for all of these.

  • Have been meditating for years you will find the Kasina will take you to the next level. Users report levels of relaxation and mediative states they would otherwise never have been able to achieve.

Seriously, this is a life-changing product on so many levels (pun intended). 😆

You couldn’t get more from a product unless it gave you the elixir of life.  

As stated in my Medical Disclaimer, this blog website is for information and entertainment purposes ONLY and is not medical advice.



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