New Things To Try - Parachute Jump

New Things To Try

I have 7 very good reasons to try, do, and learn new things, and because of those reasons, I have created an ideas list of 100 new things to try.  Be inspired to begin trying new things today.

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I want this post to be useful and beneficial to you and me.  That said, I have added affiliate links to this article and would love it if you decide to use them.  😘

7 Benefits Of Trying New Things

1. Increases Your Self-Worth And Builds Self-Esteem.  

When you say to yourself you’re going to do something and you do, you build trust within yourself. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, you show yourself that you can learn new things.  Step by step, the more you try out new activities or learn new skills the more self-esteem and confidence you gain.

2. Gets You Out Of  A Funk

If you’re stuck in a rut, procrastinating, or tired of your current routine then trying something new can breathe fresh air into your day and get you moving.

3. Helps Manage Depression

Trying new things can change your mindset, which brings your focus onto something completely different.  That in itself can help but also, you fire up new synapses as you experience trying out an activity or learn something new.

Trying something new that involves physical movement, can also help.

4. Stops You Being On Autopilot

Being on autopilot can get tiring, boring and can lead to feeling down and possibly depressed.  Plus, when you’re on autopilot, you are not being present in the moment.  Being mindful and self-aware is important to living a peaceful and more enjoyable life. 

Focusing on a new skill or activity facilities living in the present.

5. Helps To Lose Your Fear Of Failure

Use the new thing to go all out and make lots of mistakes.  By doing this you’ll realize that making mistakes is part of life and nothing to be fearful of. In actuality, the opposite is true, you will learn from your mistakes and learn more. 

6. De-Compress.

In essence, you are creating a new experience when you begin trying something new.  When you want to relax or switch off when you get in from work you can do your new thing and de-compress.

7.  It’s Fun And Exciting

Let’s not forget that trying new things can also be good fun.

In no particular order, 💁🏻‍♀️ here are 100 ideas to get you motivated into trying something new.

100 New Things To Try

1. Take a cooking class.

2. Know how to cook? – cook something completely new.

3. Insect fighting – this is a strange spectator sport that can involve beetles or crickets and the like fighting. It’s odd to me because I’m not from any of the places that it originates from – China, Thailand, Vietnam, or Japan. But, whatever floats your boat!

4. Stand up comedy -if you’ve got something funny to say, why not share it? Udemy has courses on how together started doing stand up comedy.

5. Bird watching – watch birds with or without binoculars.

6. Extreme ironing (EI)– I had to look this one up but apparently it is exactly what it says, people mix ironing clothes with extreme outdoor activity.  There are people ironing while surfing, rock climbing, and parachuting. 😂  Excellent.

7. Treasure hunting (or geocaching) – there are lots of variations of this. Some people look for sunken treasure and some use GPS to find toys, trinkets, etc. There are clubs and organized events to treasure hunt too.

8. Tai chi or Qigong – or any of the many martial arts.

9. Try external Self-Care – treat yourself to a product you don’t need but you really want to try.  Or maybe treat yo self for a whole day like Tom and Donna from Parks And Recreation:

10. Try internal Self-Care – start to understand yourself, and why you do or think what you do by practicing mindfulness and meditation.

11. News Raiding – again, had to look this up.  People get in the background of camera shots when newsreader are delivering their schpeel.  Hilarious. 🤣

12. Stone skipping – most of us used to do this as a kid, skimming a flat stone across a body of water to see how many times you could make it skip. You can enter competitions for it.

Who knew? 

In fact, there’s a famous competition held on Windermere Point Beach, MI every 4th July that started way back in 1979

13. Collecting Stuff: stamps, bottles, badges, elements (chemical), dolls (Barbie dolls are a collecting thing, apparently Johnny Depp collects them, does that include Ken too?), snakeskin, belly fluff, sunglasses (Elton John), typewriters (Tom Hanks).  The collecting list is endless.


Art Therapy

14. Toy voyaging – had to look this up too and I’m glad I did. The idea for toy voyaging originates from a movie I like but I didn’t remember this part in it, I’ll quote from Wikipedia:

“Taking inspiration from the traveling gone in the film Amélie, the project was created to see if it would be possible for toys to travel ‘by themselves. The aim was for the toys to become travel companions – able to go places, do things, meet people and have their adventures captured in photographs.”

ToyVoyagers from WIKIPEDIA

When you find the toy you upload a picture of it to a website.  This sounds like a lot of fun to me.

15. Volunteering eg. WWOOF (work on organic farms and learn about sustainable life), Helpx (farms, hostels, sailing boats, Workaway (similar to the previous two, with homesteads and cultural exchanges)

16. Learn to play an instrument

17. Learn a new language – and it doesn’t have to be serious.  If you want to learn a fictional language then check out Klingon (Star Trek), Na’vi (Avatar), Dothraki (A Song Of Ice And Fire books), or Elvish (Lord Of the Rings).


18. Create a blog – I’ve had great fun learning the technical (e.g. WordPress) and the creative stuff with this blog.

19. Dorodango – this is a Japanese art form where you polish lumps of mud. (I’m sure there’s a lot more to it, but that’s the gist).

20. Train spotting – a worldwide hobby of rail enthusiasts.

21. Competitive duck-herding – yes, exactly as it sounds, they’re people that love to heard ducks and geese into pens.

22. Camping

23. Hiking

24. Nature walks

25. Whittling – the art of carving shapes from raw wood.

26. Quidditch – yep, playing the sport, but without the broomsticks. Awwww, what a pity they haven’t invented flying broomsticks! (Not yet 🧙‍♀️).

27. Tree shaping – making art with trees.

New Things To Try - Lady Painting

28. Spelunking/caving.

29. Pilates or yoga.

30. Sewing or Knitting or Crocheting.

31. Start making your own clothes by hand or invest in a sewing machine.

32.  Soap carving – check out YouTube videos and Pinterest for ideas and how to do it.

33. Origami – I’ve given this a go in the past, great fun.

34. Make snow globes – I’d never heard of this but apparently the singer Taylor Swift has.

MS Excel


35. Fishing or Noodling (fishing with your hands).

36. Ghost Hunting – get out there and find some spooky stuff. There’s even a Ghost Hunting for Dummies book.

37. LARPing – Live Action Role Playing. 20+ people get together and act out a story or plot.

38. Learn a new board game, e.g. chess, backgammon, Maijong, Scrabble.

Graphic Design


39. Surfing.

40. Sailing.

41. Kayaking.

42. Canoeing.

43. Skiing.

44. Snowboarding.

45. Skateboarding.

46. Skating- roller, ice, inline.


47. Acting – bring out your inner thespian, join an amateur dramatic group.

48. Listen to music you don’t usually listen to.

49. Learn gardening or how to grow your own food.

50. Sightseeing where you live – oftentimes we don’t visit the places on our doorstep.

51. Visit a new country or ci1y.

52. Get a massage.

53. Take a sauna.

54. Swimming

55. Diving

56. Learn to drive.

57. Create a NEW beneficial habit – like keeping hydrated – drink water throughout the day

58. Stop a habit that is causing you to stress e.g. cut down on sugar or processed food.

59. Learn how to dance, so many to choose…from hip hop, tango or tap…..

60. Start singing lessons or learn how to beatbox or rap.

61. Paint a picture.

62. Make a toy.

63. Learn basic drawing techniques.

64. Write a book.

65. Do a jigsaw puzzle.

66. Make furniture.

67. Learn to juggle. 🤹🏽‍♀️

68. Learn magic tricks.

69. Enter a competition online (writing, poetry, jingle).

70. Get a new hairstyle or color it in a  completely different color.

71. Do an online course e.g. writing, how to survive outdoors, make your own decorations, beekeeping.

Web Development

72. Change up your daily routine, e.g. change your route to work or get up early if you get up late (or vice versa).

73. Go on a road trip.

74. Start a Journal or try scrapbooking

75. Do something for someone else, a random act of kindness, or pay it forward, like in the movie:

76. Take a day off from ALL technology (laptop, tablets, mobile).

77. Learn a quote that is also something you live OR try your best to live by most of the time.  My favorite quote is:

“When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer

78. Do you have a nighttime or morning routine?  If not, try it, you might get better sleep or create more time in your life.

79. Invent something useful.

80. Start your own business.

81. Try sky diving. Or a static line jump like I did many years ago; you jump out of a plane about 2500 feet up and your parachute opens automatically.  Exhilarating and awesome at the same time.

82. Paintball or laser?  Both are great, I preferred paintball because when I did it we were in a huge forest with camo gear on.

Public Speaking

83. Flash Mob – join a group or create your own and surprise a lot of people!

84. Write a movie script and make a movie.

85. Genealogy – research your family history.

86. Read a classic book. There are loads to choose from, a couple of my favorites are Wuthering Heights (Emily Brontë) and Great Expectations (Charles Dickens).

87. Watch a classic movie. I can list SO many here but I’ll just give you three. A comedy from 1942 – The Man That Came To Dinner, a weepie from 1937 – Stella Dallas and a drama from 1946 – A Stolen Life


88. Wear different clothes or a completely different color.

89. Learn how to throw your voice and be a ventriloquist.

90. Be a clown for a day

91. Calligraphy.  I tried this in a kid’s class in China, I enjoyed it but I found it difficult first off.

92. Write a letter or make a card and send it snail mail to your Mum or best friend.

93. Go through your whole house and throw out everything that you don’t use. Furniture, clothes, shoes, gadgets, old toiletries, etc..

94. Buy an adult coloring book and color – it is very relaxing and meditative.

95. Stretching is underrated, learn how to do an all-over body stretch.

96. Start a home fitness routine and tone up.

100. Adopt an animal or a star.

New Things To Try - Pink Sky

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One More Idea

Remember, the above will give you a good start but you can take it further by googling for more information, plus using YouTube and Pinterest for how to do stuff and even more creative ways of doing things.

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