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The Greatest Showman Songs

One of my favorite films from 2017 has just been added to the Disney+ platform. In keeping with this optimistic and uplifting film, my response to this is – fantastic, wonderful, superb!  LOL.  Not only has the musical been added to Disney+ but there are a couple of rumors circling around The Greatest Showman.  (1) that a sequel may be on the cards and (2) a West End show is planned for 2022.  Good to know.  The Greatest Showman songs embody so much of how I now see myself and the world.

This is why.

I talk a lot about self-care and boosting self-esteem on this blog and offer techniques, tools, and products to solve any issues you may have around these.  However, let us not lose sight of the importance of just enjoying yourself.  Whether it is watching a movie, eating your favorite snack, or just laying in the sun.  Life is not all about work and working on yourself! I see life as being the greatest show on earth. This view wouldn’t be true if I didn’t just kick back now again and watch a great movie or something else not work-related.

Life is very strange but at the same time amazing.  As I said, I see this life as the greatest show, as cheesy as it might sound I appreciate each day and I’m glad to be here.  It is a privilege.  A few years back I would have told you a different story.  The part I played on the world stage then is very different from the one I play now.  I am playing a completely different role.  

The previous acting part was someone who took life for granted and felt that everyone else was better than them.  The role was someone with low self-worth who believed they did not deserve to be happy and healthy.

I am a completely different person now.  I changed my perception and my perspective.  In other words, I changed how I saw myself and how I viewed the world – now seeing it as the greatest show on earth!

However, your view of the world can only been seen from your point of view, from your perspective.

Some of you will be reading this and thinking, what is she on about – life is the greatest show on earth?  And some will agree with me.  Of course, there will be the folks in-between too.  

You all have your own Point Of View (YOUR PERSPECTIVE).

As the song says, “this is the greatest show, we light it up.”  How you light it up is up to you.  The beauty is you have a choice.  You can choose to see the world as an ugly and negative or as a place full of hundreds of wonder-filled experiences for you to dip your toe in.

Changing how you see the world starts with changing your inner world and this can only be achieved by knowing yourself.  Knowing yourself encompasses accepting yourself and saying, “This Is Me”.

This Is Me

The powerful words from the song This Is Me are truly awesome and if you don’t feel awesome right now then do this:

Write out on the top of a piece of paper THIS IS ME – I AM AWESOME and underneath write some of the words from the song:

“I am who I’m meant to be, this is me

Look out ’cause here I come

And I’m marching on to the beat I drum

I’m not scared to be seen

I make no apologies, this is me”

This Is Me from The Greatest Showman

Now, stick it on the bathroom mirror or someone else where you will see it every day.  It will remind you that you are worthy and you deserve to live your best life.

Knowing yourself and being yourself are very important when you are trying to increase your self-worth and change your life.  Let me tell you though, once you start on this path and you do the work on yourself and begin to see big changes – you will not regret it.

By accepting yourself and expressing your authenticity you will live a happier and enjoyable life.  You see, once you get to this stage you can create your dream life.

A Million Dreams

Having high self-worth, self-esteem, and being comfortable with who you are will give you the confidence in your abilities to do whatever you want to do.  Trying new things and learning new skills will be something you look forward to.  

Every day is a new day where you can make the steps towards your dream life.  Moving forward in life will be a joy.  

Remember to not put yourself in the future you are trying to create.  The magic happens when you stay in your present day, your current moment.  When you start learning new skills or just taking the action steps required for your new life – stay with the task in hand.  Focus on the joy of the moment, not the end result. 

Instead, when you imagine your new dream life – imagine it happening NOW.  Visualize it happening now.  ALWAYS stay here and now!

No matter what you want, do not listen to other people’s opinion if they are not on board with you.  You do you and remember theses words from the chorus of A Million Dreams:

“They can say, they can say it all sounds crazy

They can say, they can say I’ve lost my mind

I don’t care, I don’t care, so call me crazy

We can live in a world that we design”

A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman

Yes, you can design your own life how you want it and re-write your life script. Throw away your old story and make a new one.

Rewrite The Stars

There will always be naysayers.  Always.  That’s the way it is.  Choose to re-write your script on how you want it to play out.  Having that inner strength is all that is required.  Knowing yourself and knowing what you want will propel you forward leaving the negativity and shaking heads behind you.

It feels impossible (it’s not impossible)

Is it impossible?

Say that it’s possible

How do we rewrite the stars?

Say you were made to be mine?

Nothing can keep us apart

‘Cause you are the one I was meant to find

It’s up to you

And it’s up to me

No one can say what we get to be

And why don’t we rewrite the stars?

Changing the world to be ours

Rewrite The Stars from The Greatest Showman

I am not saying that you should never listen to other people or allow others to influence you.  If there are naysayers then it makes sense there will be people who support you and are positive about what you want to do.  Also, there are people out there that have your best interests at heart and who will impart their knowledge to you and assist you.

You need to discern who is who in your life.  Distinguishing between who is beneficial to have around you and who is not can only be done when you know yourself.  When you are clear about who you are and what you want.  When you are rock solid and strong internally. 

Come Alive

This song reflects so perfectly the state of mind that I was in and where I am now.  Having low self-esteem and not feeling worthy I believed that life happened to me.  I stumbled through life, like a zombie and being asleep inside:

You stumble through your days

Got your head hung low

Your skies’ a shade of grey

Like a zombie in a maze

You’re asleep inside

Come Alive from The Greatest Showman

When I conquered my fears, understood my inner workings, and re-programmed my mind the result was that I came alive.  I had options!  I discovered that I had more to offer and I started to thrive (not survive).  It did not happen overnight but it did happen.

You can prove there’s more to you

You cannot be afraid

Come alive, come alive

Go and ride your light

Let it burn so bright

Reaching up

To the sky

And it’s open wide

You’re electrified

Come Alive from The Greatest Showman

I stopped living in the shadows and I’ve never turned back to that world that I was living in.  I have changed for the better and I will never be that person I was ever again.  By changing my perception I know that I can change virtually anything in my life.  The direct experience that I have had has proved it to me.


And we know we can’t go back again

To the world that we were living in

‘Cause we’re dreaming with our eyes wide open

So, come alive!

Come Alive from The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman Songs

In a nutshell, what The Greatest Showman songs mean to me:

The Greatest Show On Earth is how I see life and I am happy to play my part on the world stage show.

This Is Me – I accept who I am, this is me and I make no apologies.

A Million Dreams – I trust and listen to myself and I know I can live my best life yet – my dream.

Rewrite The Stars – I can rewrite my script and live my new story.

Come Alive – I have woken from my old life of surviving and now I thrive each day.  

Seriously, if you really want to have your dream life and have a dream-like experience then consider doing the internal work required.  I am so glad I did because it has made a huge difference – I am happy every day and I will never be the same again. 

TAKE ACTION NOW – read this post and this post.  

Once you start living on purpose and do the work to know and understand yourself, you see with REAL EYES and you will never be the same again.  This one line from Come Alive says it all for me:

‘Cause once you see it, oh you’ll never, never be the same

Come Alive from The Greatest Showman

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The Greatest Showman Songs - Greatest Showman

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