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What Is Change For Your Life?

It may sound like a strange title but what is more important than your life (barring family and friends)?  And what is that thing you dream about changing? What do you need to change for your life to be your best life yet?   What is change for your life going to look like?  Most people don’t even get round to thinking about it nevermind actually making the change.  Why? 

In other words, what is the change you are prepared to make for your life?

Or, do you think you are too late to change?  Then, you are right – You’re too late!

Yeah, I said thatHow dare you?  I can see you frowning at the screen.

Do you read quotes like these and then carry on living the same life and not changing (even though you want to?):

“Never… never… whether you are five or 100, never give up. It’s never too late.

Bill Duke

“It’s never too late to be great.” 


Jordan Burroughs

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

George Eliot

I say. Pah to the platitudes!

You read or say the words yet do nothing.  Why?  What’s the point?

I put this to you.

Deep down you actually believe and think to yourself that it is too late to change

If that is the case then I’ve got news for you:

The moment you decide (mentally, internally) to give-up changing your life is the moment that it is too late.

Let’s put it this way.

You breathing?  Thought so.  Then, it’s not too late.  I suggest you read on.


It’s important to know about other people’s experiences in life when it comes to starting to change, especially if you think it is too late.  People leave evidence everywhere.  In books, movies and on the internet.  

It shows us that (1) it can be done and (2) it doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are.

Their footprints show you the way.   A quick Google search will come up with lots of famous people that became successful later in life.  But I wanted to find regular people.  

And I did. 

In asking the question: Is it too late to change my life?  I found these amazing people in forums.  

And they said things like this:

“I’m 58 and in my first year of law school.  Relax”

“Absolutely not! I’m 32 and a Bio major….It’s never too late to change your life.”

Your youth is spent learning and preparing to be an adult, the first 20 years of your life are just “growing up”. 

“A lot of millionaires and billionaires out there have started their successful businesses after the age of 50.”

“It’s never too late, it’s not about how much you have left, its about how you use whats left.

“My bf is 45 and is just finishing up his masters of tax and also taking the bar exam at the end of next month.”

“I changed every last bit of my life at 35. Got divorced, moved to a new state, started school back again and am doing so much better than I was in my 20s.”

“50 years old isn’t too late if you try hard enough.”

“I’m 32 and I’m the process of changing careers after spending a fortune on graduate school. It’s scary to make a huge life change but it’s never too late!”

“No it’s not…. I started a new career at 31… everyone at work is younger than me but I have life experience.”

“It is never too late to make a change. I changed careers 6 years ago at 32. Best decision I have ever made. You can always start over.”

“Heck no. I am 34 nearly 35 and literally just took my final exam for upgrading chemistry.”

“I started coding the day after my 40th birthday last August because I also want to change careers. We’re not getting any younger and there’s no time like the present.”

“No it is not too late at all. Myself I am 56 and learning development as a new career path, and I have no doubts that I will find employment.”

“Practically no age is too late. I know of a woman 72 who is becoming a Veterinarian and 2 people in their 80’s who wanted college degrees.  I changed my career in my 60’s from Social Work to Career Coaching.”

Okay, let’s mention a handful of famous people now that leave clues to changing late in life.

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Famous People's Evidence Of Changing Late

Harry Potter author J K Rowling was 32 when The Philosopher’s Stone (USA title Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone) was published.  Famously turned down by most of the major publishing houses, she was relentless.  

We all know how that turned out.

Starting a painting career at 78 may seem really out there to some.  But that’s exactly what Anna Mary Robertson Moses did.  Before that she worked on a farm and said if she hadn’t taken-up painting she would have raised chickens.

Having passed in 1961 her paintings now sell for over $1 million.  Go Grandma Moses!

Some may think that 40 something is too late to pursue an acting career.  It didn’t stop Kathryn Joosten.  The single Mum is best known for playing Dolores Landingham in The West Wing and Karen McCluskey in Desperate Housewives.

Lot’s of people out in the world are doing it.  Changing their lives, regardless.

Me included.  

Here There And Everywhere

How amazing is that time lapse video – Time Is Nothing – Around The World In 343 Days?  I just had to share.

Change is my middle name.  I have changed jobs and countries numerous times.  

At 21 I left home and went to live in a different city and worked in the hotel industry.  After a while, I came back to my home town and started working in IT Support.  

Then, at 31 I became a holiday representative (in Ibiza) for a large travel company.  

A year later I returned home again.  I did some office temping work which turned into working for the public sector (learning and training).  

6 years later I took a sabbatical and went to Spain to take a course in teaching English as a Second Language.  

I never came back to the country I grew-up in.

I stopped teaching English.  I stayed in Spain but went to work for a large tele-communications company.  I left Spain and went travelling for 2 years.  

I came back to Spain and started another teaching job that didn’t work out.  Now I’m still in Spain and I work for a large American company.  

In February 2020 I decided to learn something new.  And dare I say, change again?  I’m currently learning how to use WordPress, write, and create my own website.

Where will this take me?  I don’t know and I don’t care.  I’m learning new things and thoroughly enjoying myself.  I live in this day because I realize that is all I will ever have, right?

Point is, I know what I’m talking about when it comes to change.  I don’t care what age I’m at.  I figure this is it.  One life.  So, why not explore, learn, play, enjoy life and I live it to the full?

Don’t get me wrong.

If you are enjoying your life and you are happy with your lot.  Good for you and I mean that.  However, if you are not, and you do want to change and you think it’s too late. 

Poppycock! (Nonsense.)

Look, it’s not always been easy.  I’ve had to overcome self-doubt and procrastination by tackling my low self-esteem and low self-worth head-on.  Maybe that’s something you need to do too.  

Or not.  Either way, if you want to make changes you absolutely can.

Excuses are easy.  Stop the excuses that you are too old OR you don’t have the time.  

Which leads me on to that feeling some of us have of running out of time.

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The Running Out Of Time Feeling

In her song Hung Up Madonna sang “Time goes by so slowly” and “Time goes by so slowly for those who wait”.  Another famous diva, Janet Jackson had a song called  “Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun)”.

So, why does time drag if you’re waiting?  While if you’re enjoying yourself does it rush by quickly?  Well, two people can be in the same situation but experience the passage of time completely differently.  It’s all about perception.

It depends on how YOU perceive time at the moment.  Which also means you can change your perception of time.  

Don’t get hung up by the feeling of time running out.  

If you can change your perception of time, then what else can you change? Think about it. Change your perception and you can change almost anything.

Just saying.

8 Tips On How To Get The Ball Rolling On Beginning To Change

Wanting to change your life and then not actually doing anything takes a toll on you.  That constant thinking about it can be stressful and tiring.   Stop getting in the way of yourself.  Excuses of I don’t have time, I’m running out of time or I’m too old is just that.  They’re excuses and you know it.  And if you didn’t know, you do now, right?

Just start.  Something.  Anything.  But just start.  Action is key.  Download the Free Poster below and look at it every day – motivate yourself!

8 Tips to start towards changing your life:

1.  Keep breathing, deep breathing that is.  You need energy and a calm mind so start with deep breathing exercises for at least 10 minutes each day.  Make it the first thing you do each morning.  It will be a double whammy then.  You’ll get the benefits of deep breathing and the reminder that you have started to change your life.

2.  Stop comparing yourself to other people.  Their life is none of your business.  Trust me, nothing good comes from comparing yourself or your life with other people and their life. 

3.  Try stuff.  Learn new things.  If you don’t like the new thing and it’s not floating your boat?  Then try something else. Explore and experiment.

4.  Keep moving forward.  Sometimes you may stop, that’s life but don’t stay stopped.  Keep going.  

5.  Stop getting hung up on numbers.  Any numbers.  Age, time, year, month.  You get the picture.

6.  Stop worrying about what other people think of you.  Same as number 2 it’s none of your business.  What YOU think of you is the takeaway here.

7.  Beat procrastination for good.  

8.  Overcome low self-esteem or self-worth issues that may be holding you back.

Change Your Life - Things To Do In Lockdown

Owning a website is something I’ve wanted to do for a while.  I enjoy writing too.  Stopping and starting to write a book over the years I figured I could use my website instead for a writing outlet.

Learning WordPress and blogging has been a big learning curve.  Also, working 5 days a week full time and then motivating myself to work on my site when I got home has been challenging.  I was (and am) determined to build my own website so I got creative about taking action every day on it.  (I tell myself – action every day no matter if it is 20 minutes or 2 hours).  I Began that 1 month before the world changed and went on lockdown.  

And then I suddenly had 3 months at home – I used the extra time on my hands to write even more.  And keep learning even more.

Take the extra time in lockdown (or any extra time you have) and use it to work on yourself.  Change yourself.  Or learn something new.  It’s a way to turn an intricate, sometimes uncomfortable situation on its head.

What is change for your life?  What does it look like?  Remember to comment below.

“Successful writers are not the ones who write the best sentences. They are the ones who keep writing.” 

Bonnie Friedman

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