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What Is The Subconscious Mind About?

The subconscious mind can seem like an elusive thing.  It did for me.  I was aware of the chatter online about it a while back.  I read a couple of articles.  It seemed to be getting more popular.  But what’s the deal, I thought?  I mean, really, what’s the subconscious mind about? 

Back then, I didn’t think too much about it.  Maybe I wasn’t ready to hear the information?  (Possibly a case of “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”).

Then one day, I was ready.  The teacher appeared on Youtube.

In my life, I’ve found that happens a lot.  Information, a phrase or comment made about something will pass me by.  Then months or years later a circumstance will manifest and throw it right back at me, and I finally understand it.  You could call it a eureka moment.

Back to the teacher.  Actually there was more than one (see YouTube clip below).  Each of them was talking about the same concept in their own way.  The fact that they were in agreement about the subconscious mind and the power of it was interesting.  More importantly, how that power could be used to change just about anything in your life fascinated me.  I knew I was on to something big.  I could feel it.  

I felt like I was on the edge of some profound knowledge.

The teachers were all saying that if I learned about the subconscious mind and how to use it I could change just about anything in my life.  Now that is pretty powerful I thought.

The teachers on YouTube from left to right – Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Gregg Braden.  They all have many videos each on YouTube – I’ve used this clip as it is short and shows them all.


The subconscious and conscious mind have different jobs to do.  Both are important in their own right.  It is important to get your mind wrapped around the differences (pun intended).

Being aware that something exists is very different from understanding and knowing it.  That was how it was for me with this.  My life improved when I understood the role of my subconscious mind in my life and subsequently know how to use it.

The subconscious mind is also referred to as the hidden, or suppressed mind.

One more thing, the conscious mind is not consciousness.  That’s a horse of a different color and not what I’m writing about here.

The Role Of The Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is the objective or thinking mind, the mind doing our mental processing.

It works in your current awareness: It contains thoughts, memories, feelings, desires and wishes at any given moment.  


  • It is working now as you read this content.  
  • The thought “I’m thirsty”, so you go get a drink
  • Absorbing information from a book, course or lecture

I will be focusing on the subconscious mind because I want to talk more about the powerful effect it has on how we live our lives.

However, I’m not down playing the the conscious mind in anyway.  Of course we need both. 

It’s super important to use our conscious minds to *think for ourselves and make beneficial choices to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

*It’s easy to absorb information and repeat the opinions, thoughts, and ideas of others rather than think for ourselves.

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The Role Of The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind deals with a different type of processing.  

It is responsible for your heart beating, blood flowing, breathing and your motor skills, e.g. putting one foot in front of the other.

It stores all your thoughts and beliefs.  It has pick-up ALL and everything from the moment you were born.  It holds all the programming you have ever received, regardless of whether it is beneficial or not.  I can pretty much guarantee you have old programs still running in your subconscious that are affecting you now in a limiting and non-beneficial way.

Most people are not even aware that they have these programs running in the background to their life.  If you’ve ever tried to change something in your life and succeeded only to go back as if you hadn’t changed anything, then this is the subconscious programming.

Keep in mind – It’s not the subconscious mind’s fault. 

Here’s why.  It is The Enforcer

The subconscious’ job is The Enforcer.  It ensures that you respond exactly as you have been programmed.

Living On Purpose

Is this you: You have found it difficult to change your life, or if you do change it doesn’t last? 

That was me for a long time until I realized I had these old programs running that were limiting me.  The first BIG change I made by reprogramming my subconscious was stopping smoking.  I figured that if I could do that and make it stick, then I would know without a shadow of a doubt that this stuff really worked.

And if I could stop smoking, what else could I do?

It did sound a little bit out there but honestly, I’d tried stopping numerous times to change, especially with the stopping smoking. I thought, why not give it a go?

As I’ve said, the subconscious makes sure that you respond exactly as you have been programmed.  So.

You know what that means ?  Two things.

If you are kind to your subconscious mind AND you reprogram it with beneficial programs then it will do its job.  It will ensure that you respond as you have been programmed.  

But of course this time – YOU change the program for YOU.  To ensure you have the experiences that you want.  You are not existing on autopilot. 

You are living on purpose.  How amazing is that?

Language Of The Subconscious Mind

I reprogram my subconscious mind by speaking to it in the present and not using any negatives.  Let me explain.  I’ll use my stopping smoking as an example of something to reprogram:

Use The Present Tense

Say:  “I am smoke free”

Do not say:  “I am going to stop smoking.”

Do not use negatives

Say:  “I can stop smoking.  I deserve to live smoke free”

Do not say:  “I am not going to smoke again”.  If you did say this – because the subconscious does not recognize negatives it will hear this instead:  

“I am going to smoke again”. (Not what you want, obviously.)


The subconscious learns through repetition. Speaking to it just once won’t do it. You have to program it consistently until the program is embedded.

When you think about things differently you start to see your choices and actions change.  

Make Friends With Your Subconscious (aka The Enforcer)

I believe I have made the question – what is the subconscious mind about a little clearer now.  

The subconscious controls so much of what we do and experience in our life.  It is The Enforcer. 

Knowing this information and then using it to change my life was fantastic.  To have that spark of possibility light up in my mind was so amazing.

Knowing the old programs that are limiting you are not always obvious and it takes time to uncover these.  Plus to reprogram your subconscious you will need to know how to enter it.

Want to make friends with The Enforcer in your life?   I created an online course about how to do it called Change Your Mind TO Change Your Life:

The name of The Game is Experience so let us experience Connecting and Sharing. 

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