The Silva Ultramind System

What Is Transformation About?

What is transformation about?   Well, in a nutshell it is what the MindValley platform is all about!  MindValley has numerous programs to assist and guide you on your personal growth but it is The Silva Ultramind System that I will focus on today.  Without further ado, if you’ve been looking for a REVIEW on this product then you popped into the right place.  Read on.


This online course is about transforming yourself so that you can live the life you truly want.

As with most reviews I will define what this personal growth product is and give the benefits with pros and cons.  

But before I get into the review, I want to give you some extra information.

That information will cover brainwaves, and the subconscious mind as this is the foundation of how The Silva Method works.  I believe that this addition will be useful to you in understanding the core of the system. 

Briefly, the Silva Ultramind System states that by going into a specific state of mind, you can affect it.  This online course can be accessed from the Mindvalley platform and their tagline is:

“Access altered states of mind to transform your reality”

The course teaches how to get into altered states of consciousness so that you can access the answers that you hold internally to any issues or life challenges you may have.

Are Brainwaves Real?

Depending on which website you read, there are either 4 (Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta) or 5 (Gamma is the fifth) brainwaves.  Gamma brainwaves are a discovery in neuroscience that came later. The online course talks about the four main brainwave groups.

The brain is an electrochemical organ, which means that it can generate a conservative amount of electrical power.  That electrical activity is shown as brainwaves ranging from very active to the least active.

Each brainwave reflects your state of mind as follows:

  • Beta: (Waking state) actively thinking, concentrating, focusing, and processing information.

  • Alpha: (Restful state) resting but still alert e.g. after reading this post you may relax and reflect on what you have just read.

  • Theta: (Dreamy state) REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, deep relaxation, deep meditation

  • Delta: (Sleep state) Deep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness

  • Gamma: (High Concentration) 

What Is Transformation About - Beta Alpha Theta

The diagram shows four brainwave categories.  The numbers refer to their frequency range.  Brainwaves are measured in Hertz (Hz is the short form).  Each brainwave category will have a frequency range from low to high.

I noticed that the frequency ranges were slightly different from website to website.  For example, I have seen Beta shown with a frequency range from 12 Hz to 40 Hz, Alpha from 8 Hz to 12 Hz, Theta from 4 Hz to 8 Hz. Those are slightly different from the diagram above.

Does that matter?  No.

What matters here in regard to The Silva Ultramind System is to be aware of the different brainwaves as the company’s method states that have found the Alpha and Theta levels play the biggest role in a person’s self-evolution.

So, the brain uses individual waves to do certain things, and your brain is always using a brainwave.  Brainwaves work together with the dominant brainwave determining your current state of mind.

By the way.  The Gamma frequency range is 40 Hz to 100 Hz.  

A neuroscience research fact I found: even when we are in REM sleep, the brain displays Gamma wave use. I thought that was interesting.

There are varying opinions of what the subconscious mind can do (and what it can not do).  This online course is of the opinion that the Alpha state of mind in particular is believed to be the state of mind where you can access your subconscious mind. 

But what is the subconscious mind?

What Is The Subconscious Mind?

The subconscious mind is sometimes called the unconscious mind. 

However, the Silva Ultramind System refers to it as the subconscious mind and so will I.

Sub means under or below and the subconscious is the part of the mind that is under the conscious mind.  Sigmund Freud said that this mind, under the conscious mind was the source of human behavior.

The conscious mind is working when we are thinking at the moment and includes feelings, perceptions, and memories in our current awareness.

The subconscious mind holds everything else.  Your beliefs, previous experience, memories, and skills.  Everything you have seen, done, or thought is held there.  

Not only that but it is responsible for your heart beating, blood flowing, breathing, and your motor skills, e.g. putting one foot in front of the other.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton (biologist and author of The Biology Of Belief), we are living 95% of the time from our subconscious mind and 5% from our conscious mind.  

What does that mean though?

What Is Transformation About - Blue Brain

 We are mainly operating on a daily basis from our subconscious mind. Not our conscious minds. Most of our decisions, emotions, and behavior are based on brain activity from the subconscious. This opinion is echoed by cognitive neuroscientists.

There are many differing opinions and information about the mind simply because we do not know enough about it.

And here’s why:

  • Scientists like to be able to observe and measure when scientifically testing and/or proving something.  But the subconscious is not easily measured due to the very nature of it.

  • And of course, that dominoes into hugely different views on what it can and can’t do.

  • Some believe if you harness the power of the subconscious and use the conscious and subconscious in tandem, you can live a more fulfilled life.  That you can access the subconscious mind, change it, and this will then change your outside reality

  • Others state that this is nonsense and that your thoughts cannot influence your external world.

Here are two views that say (1) that it is not possible to influence your external reality by changing your thoughts and (2) it is not possible to access the subconscious:

An abstract from the book Subconscious Mind: Learn The Fundamentals by IntroBooks gives an opposing view:

“The Skeptical Inquirer magazine questioned the lack of empiricism and formal verification of these claims.  To illustrate, the physicist Ali Alousi challenged it as immeasurable and questioned the possibility that thoughts would impact anything outside the brain.”

Subconscious Mind: Learn The Fundamentals by IntroBooks

In Psychology Today (Does The Unconscious Mind Really Exists? By David B. Feldman, Ph.D.) he describes the subconscious as:

“It’s a part of our mind that is thinking, feeling, and scheming behind the scenes. We literally have another mind within our mind. This other mind influences our actions even though — and this is the really important part — we have no direct access to it.”

David B. Feldman, Ph.D

On the other hand…

Carla Schesser wrote an article called What Successful People Know About the Mind That You Don’t for and she says:

“You have to change your thoughts to change your life.  To start, you must recondition your subconscious mind to detach itself from the idea that you are your thoughts.  You are not your thoughts.”

“When you begin to grasp you are something far greater than your thoughts, you begin to understand you do have the power to choose which thoughts you will think and ultimately start to reprogram your subconscious mind.”

Carla Schesser

This last view more or less mirrors the concept of the Silva Ultramind System which was first bought to the public in 1960 by its founder José Silva.

Jose Silva Biography - His Discovery And Book

In 1972 there was an article published in the New York Times titled Can Man Control His Mind?  Mr José Silva was featured in that article:

“Mr. Silva describes his course as learning consciously how to use the subconscious and thereby improving man’s problem‐solving capability.”

New York Times: Can Man Control His Mind?

Mr. Silva was a radio technician who had many interests including electronics, psychology, hypnosis, and intuition.  He became fascinated by the mind and what it could do 

He studied the mind for over 20 years and conducted mind control experiments on himself and his family.  It was during this time that he discovered the Alpha state of brainwave activity and how it was a way of tapping into amazing levels of awareness and abilities.  

This was the basis of the Silva Mind Control method that he developed.  From there books and seminars were introduced to the public.  

He passed in 1991 but his work still continues through his family and friends.

Recently the founder of Mindvalley Vishen Lakhiani collaborated with the Silva family.

The Silva Ultramind System Through Mindvalley

Having received the nod from the Silva family to use The Silva Method Mr, Lakhiani has re-introduced the method making it more accessible on his personal growth platform Mindvalley.

Mindvalley’s platform offers many courses (both free and paid) on a variety of subjects for personal growth.  Categories include mind, body, soul, relationships, work, and performance.

Online courses are taught by coaches, teachers, influencers, motivational speakers, instructors, authors, philosophers, and entrepreneurs.

But Vishen Lakhiani is the course instructor for The Silva Ultramind Method.

What Is The Silva Ultramind System?

As mentioned earlier The Silva Ultramind Method found that the Alpha and Theta levels of consciousness play a large role in a person’s self-evolution.

The method will give you the tools to access these states of mind.  You will discover how to use your subconscious to transform your life.

What Is Transformation About - Transforming Sign

Main Benefits Of The Silva Ultramind System

  1. Align your thoughts and actions with your desires
  2. Tap into your subconscious mind’s limitless intelligence, and harness it to make better life decisions (while steering clear of the wrong ones)
  3. Know how to apply altered states into your work life to solve problems and boost creativity
  4. Learn to tap into Theta levels of mind to source ideas and inspiration, and see your creative output and performance soar
  5. Achieve inner peace and be more present in every moment
  6. Learn the true reason you were placed on this planet, and step onto a fulfilling life path that connects you to that purpose every second of every day. 
  7. Learn how to use your mind to accelerate healing, and as a complement to your wellness practices.

What Does The Digital Course Provide?

  • Hosted and taught by certified Silva Instructor and MindValley founder Vishen Lakhiani
  • Learn anywhere from your Smartphone, TV or Desktop
  • 12 hours of training
  • 28 day online program

By the end you will have a total mastery of your mind’s abilities and clarity on how to move forward in your life.

You can try before you buy: join for 10 days Risk FREE.

Or get an idea first and Join The Masterclass For FREE.

What You’ll Learn With The Masterclass:

  • How to train yourself to achieve waking consciousness in various altered states so you can access previously uncharted areas of your mind
  • The 100-1 morning technique for staying at Deep Alpha so that you can access this unique brain-wave at ease in seconds for heightened creativity and calm
  • The Mental Screen for Advanced Visualisation: This simple mental technique has been used by pro-athlete students of Vishen to win at competitive sports and make headlines
  • The Silva 3-Scenes Technique: This refinement in Mental Visualisation produces the best results when done in this unique 6 step way…fully shared in this class.

The Price Of The Silva Ultramind System

  • $399 for the The Silva Ultramind System digital program

  • Option to pay 3 instalments of $149

  • The individual digital programs are called quests on Mindvalley.

  • They have an option to join and get access to The Silva Ultramind System plus everything else on Mindvalley.  With this option you get 40+ quests (programs) unlocked for:  $599 for the year.

Positive And Negative Customer Comments

I looked for people’s comments on what they thought of the Mindvalley Silva Ultramind System.  I wanted to get a range of opinions.  It was easy to find positive comments but harder to find negative ones.  Especially about the digital product.  However, I did find some negative comments about the method itself from people reading the book (The Silva Method).  

Here we go, common feedback:

Positive – From people that did the Mindvalley Silva Ultramind course

  • Changed my life
  • Trust in intuition now
  • Techniques can be used by everyone
  • In control of life
  • Evidence of life-changing fast
  • Able to heal physical ailments

Negative – From reading the book

  • It’s just visualization and meditation
  • It doesn’t work
  • Belief system that must be understood in quasi-religious terms

This common feedback is based on comments like this:

3 Positive Quotes (course)

” I have experienced increased power and effectiveness and increased peace of mind since taking the course”

“What I really found useful is how powerful the tools are and how I can use and integrate them in my daily life”

“I have noticed in a very short period of time improvement in my health and my energy level increased.”

3 Negative Quotes (book)

“Seriously, this is the literary equivalent of snake oil. “Ghostbusters” offers far more insight into the human condition, into human potential.”

“Personally, I didn’t get it to work. Going to a “level,” and trying to heal someone, just doesn’t work.  I’m a firm believer in positive mental attitude. Have been for years.”

“It was ok. Some things in it I already knew. Not sure I would recommend it to anyone else. Don’t think this is for everyone.”

The Platform: Mindvalley

I think it is important to note that as this is a digital product so you will be required to use the Mindvalley platform to access and buy the product. 

That said here is a great, not so great and something in-between review about Mindvalley:

Great review: Mindvalley has been a huge inspiration for me….

“Mindvalley has been a huge inspiration in my life. It is so generous of Mindvalley to make their life-changing products super affordable. Their products have brought about a huge transformation in my life. I think Mindvalley is doing a great service in bringing about more connectedness among people. I am so happy to be a part of the Mindvalley community.”

Renjith S B Trustpilot Reviews

Not so great review: No real customer support!

“I have sent 4 messages by filling in the link to the support team concerning questions on life book that are not responded to in your F&Q section since 4 days! I was reading here that other people encountered similar problems that you simply do not respond. I always get an automated message that someone will get back to me in 48 hours. The on my response I get is to refer me over and over to the same support link. It’s like a vicious circle. I am surprised that you don’t mind loosing potential customers this way. I gave up. On it who h is regrettable as I do see value in life book but not on your marketing of it . A company with 300 people should have a better customer service.”

Yasmine Mahmoudieh Trustpilot Reviews

In-between Review: Good programs with good graphics

“Good programs with good graphics.  However the support is is rubbish it’s has been 8 hours and I didn’t get any response from them to my issue. Nevertheless the programs design really to help you and easy to learn is not like you search article and learn its different. using it is really transformative and worth the money.”

Lior N. Trustpilot Reviews

Would I Recommend The Silva Ultramind System?

Yes.  I have been doing a lot of the stuff that the course covers for nearly 3 years now.  

Personally, I have been going into a relaxed state of mind and reprogramming my subconscious for a while.  I stopped smoking by doing this.  I continue to do this as a way to know myself and understand why I make the choices I do.  If I make choices that I am not happy with then I remove the programs that are leading me to make the choice in the first place.

I did try out the FREE Masterclass for this course.  I recommend doing this and you will get a feel for the course and for the instructor.  He came across as friendly and engaging.  If I wasn’t already doing what I do I would have been interested in joining the quest.

Overall, apart from the platform’s customer service being noted as not very efficient, there are a lot of customers benefiting from the program.

Pros And Cons

What Is Transformation About - Ultramind Pros Cons


One Last Thing

Years ago before I started reprogramming my subconscious mind I was already doing things like meditation and visualisation.  

I mention this because I think if you are already doing (and even if you are not) visualization and meditation amongst other things in your personal growth then this course will give you some concrete ways to explore the power of your mind and take you one step further. 

Working with my subconscious mind was instrumental in taking me many steps further in making big, long-lasting changes.

Mindset is key for ANY personal growth course, not just this one.  

So, are ready to commit mentally and be willing to change?  Then I say….

Go for it!

Have you experienced any of the quests on MindValley? Share your experiences below in the comments.

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