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World Clock Time Zones

If I type World Clock Time Zones into Google, the website Time And Date is the first search result.  Current local times across the world are shown with.  This picture shows Barcelona at midnight, New York at 6 pm, London at 11 pm and Tokyo at 7 am.

World Clock Time Zones - Times

 If you were on a Zoom call with people in each of these countries at this time shown in the picture and asked them what time it is, they would reply with the relevant time as stated above, e.g. if in Tokyo 7 o’clock in the morning, 6pm in New York etc.

Instead, what if you asked them to choose if they were in the past, present or future.  They would all say the present, right?  At midnight in Barcelona the person would say it is now, the present.  At 6pm in New York the person would say I am in the present.  

What am I getting at here?

No matter what time it is in the world:  The TIME is always NOW.

Isn’t that strange?  

Have you ever really thought about time?


Looking at all the world clock time zones and realizing that no matter what time zone you are in it is always now is mind-boggling to me.  If the time is always now, what is the past and the future?  They are traps.  Traps taking you away from now.  Dwelling in either the past or the future will hold you hostage.  There is nothing you can do there.  You can only do things now.

Most people do not want to dwell in the past if it was a painful or devastating event that they remember.  However, what about the good old days?  It’s okay thinking about those fun times, right?


Whether it’s past pain or nostalgia you are re-living, how does that benefit you now?  It doesn’t.  The past pain makes you sad because it was a horrible thing that happened to you.  The past nostalgia makes you sad because you miss those times and can never re-create them.  

But the most important thing of all is if you are in the past then you are not in the present.  And if you are not in the present then you are not living in the now.  

Okay, okay you say, but what about the future?  I have goals and I need to think about the future!  I have to think about my future plans! 


Goals and plans are traps too.  Oh, come on!  Really?


I’m sure by now (if you’re still reading) you are thinking, I thought this was a personal growth site?  What personal development, self-help site doesn’t talk about goal setting and writing out plans?

Not this one.

So how can you plan for the future?  That’s a little more complicated to explain so I’ll save that until later.

For now, I want to continue talking about time and this now moment because now is all we ever have.

No Matter What World Clock Time Zone You Are In You Only Ever Have Now

We only ever have now because the time is always now.  And if we live completely in our now moment we will be living life to the full, no longer trapped by our past or future.  There are numerous benefits to living in our now moment.  It is where we are the happiest.  It is where we have the power to create a fulfilling and joyful life.

It is also the place of calm, peace and acceptance of our circumstance.  

If this all sounds strange, I understand.  

I understand because I remember not fully grasping the concept too.  But at the same time, it felt like I was on the edge of discovering something important even though I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  

It was a matter of suck it and see for me.  (I’m a poet and I know it :)). I started to take action on living in the present.  I won’t lie to you, it’s easier said than done.

Is it worth persevering with?  Absolutely.  It’s life changing stuff.

So, how do you start to live in the now? 

World Clock Time Zones - Hourglass Time

How To Live In Your Now

As soon as I decided to start being vigilant about keeping my mind in the present was the moment it flung itself everywhere else!  It dredged up old memories both happy and sad, taking me into my past. It bought up things I wanted to experience but hadn’t quite worked out yet how I would make it happen.  My mind threw me into a futuristic fantasy of what it could look like to experience that thing.  But that is part of the process. You will go to the past and the future as soon as you start to stay to focus on staying in the present.

That to-ing and fro-ing is the practice of developing the skill of staying in the present moment. Every time my mind went out of my current day I bought it back.  And I kept doing that. Every day. I bought my mind back by bringing my awareness to what I was doing and thinking at that moment. Using my senses to feel, hear, and see what was happening with my body, my thoughts, and the things happening around me. This is called being mindful.

Mindfulness is the key to living in the now.

Being mindful is about being aware of what you are doing, saying and thinking.  Being self-aware in the moment you are in.  Knowing what is happening in your given moment.

Like any skill, it takes time to develop and it gets easier the more you do it. Until one day you realize that you haven’t drifted out of your now day for some time.

The Future

Great, you’re still reading. As promised, let me explain why goals and plans are traps and that planning the future is not beneficial to living in your now. Of course, now, you’re thinking that if you don’t make plans for the future then you’ll stay where you are doing the same things forever.

So, how do you move forward in life without planning for the future or going to the future in your mind, and therefore taking yourself out of your present-day?

Let’s look at an example, you’ve got a dentist’s appointment in three weeks’ time. Grab your calendar and note down the appointment on the day you are scheduled to go. You can look at the appointment on the calendar in your current day. BUT. Do not go there in your mind. Remember to keep your mind in the here and NOW. Projecting yourself to that future appointment, sitting in the dentist’s chair, and worrying what he’s going to do will take you out of your present.

Can you see the difference? You have a future appointment and you note it down on the calendar. You are looking at it now in your mind but you do not go to the future in your mind.

You want to go traveling for six months, which will take a lot of organizing. Saving some money, deciding on locations, buying the flight tickets, and getting on the plane are a few things you will need to do. Take one day at a time. You do the things you need to do in your day. You do not live out stories in your mind and put yourself in the future. The future is not guaranteed. You can, however, take this day and do something that will move you forward to what you want to experience. Again, do not project yourself to that future event. However, DO Visualize it happening.

Yes, visualize it happening NOW. Use all your senses. Smell the foreign air, feel the joy of adventure, and see new, beautiful surroundings. This is very powerful in bringing the event into your present.

Visualize it happening now and make it happen.

There's Magic In The Now

Now, if you are still reading, I’m very happy.  I’m going to wrap it up now and give you the main take aways from this article and a little something to do:

  • Remember you ONLY have today, 24 little hours. Make the most of them by staying in them.
  • The Past has gone and by visiting it you will feel sad from nostalgia or an unhappy event. Stay away from the Past.
  • Projecting yourself to the Future will take you out of your now (don’t go there). Instead, move forward in life by following my instructions.
  • Visualize what you want to experience BUT visualize it happening NOW!
  • Contentment is yours if you stay in your now.
  • Start practicing Mindfulness. This will assist you in staying present.

It’s a bold statement but I’m going to say it anyway. By practicing mindfulness and staying in my now I have literally changed my life. I am happier, more peaceful, my mind is sharper and I have an overall general feeling of well being.

If that is not magic, I don’t know what is.  

The name of The Game is Experience so let us experience Connecting and Sharing.

I would love to hear your views on time and living mindfully, feel free to comment below.

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